Malagos Garden Resort will definitely surprise you in many ways with its open relaxed atmosphere, its unique blend of art, commerce and nature amidst the cool mountain breeze of the highlands of Davao City.

This 12-hectare inland dynamics themed park resort is located in Malagos, Calinan. There’s abundant beauty all around starting with a reception area full of antiques and artworks. There are restaurants and Coffee Shop, Landscaped Gardens, Bird Park, Butterfly Sanctuary, Children’s Playground, Adventure Activities, among others.

Every Sunday, you will witness an interactive 45-minute Bird Show hosted by Dr. Bo Puentespina. It has relevant environmental protection theme. Indeed, a very educational and entertaining experience for all ages.

Before you walk into the Bird Show, you are greeted by a lush garden, pretty huts nestled amid tropical flora and inviting features make this the ideal luxury getaway.

If you plan to spend your time lounging by the pool, you will be treated to the resort’s one hardworking pool designed to please both junior and adult guests. This is the perfect place where you can soak in the cool waters while listening to the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of birds.

The resort is the home to the Philippine Orchid, Vanda Sanderiana, commonly referred to as the Waling Waling, indigenous birds and other wildlife species.