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Oxytocin: Your Sweet for Valentines Intimacy

How would science helps you reach the peak of your sweet relationship this Love Month.

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Let all the Hopeless-Romantic celebrate as science gives us the hint of having a happily-ever-after relationship this Love month. Bitter fellas, back off!

Well, the main reason of these buzzes is actually lingering in your brain. There’s a so called hormone scientifically named Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for building and strengthening relationship. It is released into distinct regions of the brain that are involved in emotional, cognitive, and social behaviors. It is also reduces stress responses, including anxiety – and these anxiolytic effects have been demonstrated in a number of species.

And how does this love-maker trust-builder hormone works? Actually it works on some intimate activities you are doing every day. I have here a list that you may want to try to relieve yourself from emotional dysfunctionalties (or rather, if you wanna gain the trust of your long-time crush).

  1. More Cuddles, More Closure

Yeah, you read it right. Cuddling with your partner or with your kids or with your friends or even with your pets will level up Oxytocin both on you and on your cuddle mate. It’s a near-instantaneous way to establish trust that will take effect right after you cuddle each other.

  1. Hug A Bunch

Intimate contact with other person will make you feel better and somehow happier. The feeling of being loved is also an effect of boosting the hormone.

  1. Do Socializing

Interacting with people and establishing good relationship is a nice time spender. You can be able to run conversations with a sweet moment of togetherness plus the trust you fain from each other.

  1. Watch Tear-dropping Flicks

As suggested, when oxytocin is increased by 10-20%, noticeable behavior changes—like feeling more relaxed—result. Watching an emotionally compelling movie makes oxytocin surge 47%. Why? Our brains process the plot and characters as if they were in the room with us. (The Moral Molecule by Paul Zak, PhD)

  1. Defy Yourself

Trying something you’ve never did before is quite a thrill specially when your together with somebody you wanna be with. Try a fast roller-coaster ride or try hiking the peak of Mt. Apo or grab a plate of exotic food. Doing this with some people would be fun and that would mean bond.

  1. Treat A Pizza

As what the old adage says, “Giving is better than Receiving” and treating your friends with some sumptuous meals or a trip to solemnity provides a Happy-Day aura to this point of your life (but maybe you can ask them back in return, joke!).

  1. Love Out Loud

Let the word spreads! By just saying “I love you” can make someone feel loved and happiness for you in return. Well, it still requires you to do the action of what you have said but later being replied with “I love you too” is what makes our hearts melts.