Over the last few week, social media has been talking a lot about Davao’s Pride, the Online Influencers. A part of being a Social media Sensation/Influencer is to start sharing high-value entertainment and unique content with your audience via social media.

Here are some of the Top Social Media Influencers/Online Sensations in Davao that you should follow,

  • Megan Dale Romero (Facebook Sensation)3
  • Chikito Vines – Weg Labos, Jason Ingente, Chuck Rodriguez (Facebook Sensation)2
  • DaVines – Carlo, Jeepoy, Jaja, Laurence (Facebook Sensation) 2
  • Davao Vines – Martin John Flores (Facebook Sensation) 3
  • Jagspher Flores (Youtube Sensation) 1
  • Rex Hart Valdez (Youtube Sensation) 2
  • Jannine Cartagena (Youtube Sensation) 4
  • Keith “MarVines” Pacatang (Facebook Sensation) 2
  • Jade March Hipe (Youtube Sensation)4
  • Michael Diamse (Youtube Sensation) 1
  • Achup Davao (Facebook/Youtube Sensation)1
  • Wowie Roche (Twitter Sensation) 3
  • Dave Lamban (Twitter Sensation) 1

Indeed, Davao has a lot of things to be proud of. Happy 30th Kadayawan sa Davao !