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How a footwear business walks its way to success with Shopify

Local business Renegade Folk expands and flourishes through e-commerce platforms


Business success stories usually start with an inspiration. For Regina Sambalido and her business partners, the idea of making affordable yet lovely-looking leather sandals available to Filipinos came during a trip abroad where they stumbled upon several stores selling beautiful leather footwear. They were so taken with the sandals that they decided to bring a couple of pairs home and offer them online. This started their love affair with footwear and the birth of Renegade Folk.

Regina and her three siblings together with Bibay Puyat initially offered a variety of quality leather sandals with the best material. The sandals can be worn by people of any age, which is what Renegade Folk is after. Most of their footwear now comes from the local manufacturing industry, which also benefit from Renegade Folk’s loyal online customers not only in the Philippines but also in Singapore, Australia, and Canada.


With their growing portfolio of everyday sandals, Renegade Folk has to strengthen its online exposure to expand its business, prompting the store to tap Shopify as its e-commerce platform. Shopify provides Renegade Folk with a portal for customers to see, appreciate and purchase their products at an affordable price.

“We are extremely happy with Shopify because it is very user-friendly. It also has a great design interface with customizable templates, easy report generation, and automatic reply features that anyone can use,” shared Sambalido.

Shopify’s technology bundled with the Globe myBusiness portfolio of innovative services can give small and medium enterprises like Renegade Folk a reliable package as they build their own online store, showcase their brand, and at the same time efficiently manage the back-end processes through capabilities such as tracking orders and customer data, managing inventory, monitoring sales, viewing analytics information, and much more. Business owners can start their online business using Shopify for as low as P599 a month with no transaction fee.

“We aim for Shopify and Globe myBusiness to provide better and more meaningful tools for SME customers. We help SMEs compete in the marketplace through alternative distribution channels and cost-efficient solutions to keep their business growing, thus realizing returns on investment faster,” said Barbie Dapul, Vice President at Globe myBusiness.

Founded in 2006, Shopify currently powers 275,000 online stores globally in approximately 150 countries. It is a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium business. Online sellers can use it to design, set up and manage, from any laptop or mobile device. The platform also provides merchants with a powerful back-office and a single view of their business.

Launch your ready to open online store with Shopify today! Sign up at www.shopify.com.ph. For more information, visit the website powered by Shopify at www.renegadefolk.com. Get to know Globe myBusiness by visiting www.mybusiness.globe.com.ph.

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