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#heartstrong Davao: An Open Letter to the Filipino People Mocking the Recent Bombing in Davao City


I am not from Davao but I am living in Davao for few years now. I had been to different places in the Philippines but Davao made me feel I am safe and home.

With the recent bombing at Roxas Night Market my heart bleeds for 3 reasons. First, for someone who used to have a leg injury, I am an avid fan of the massage service in the place. I like talking to the masseuses and listen about their stories may it be made up or their real stories. It fascinates me to see how their faces light up when they share their plans and stories about their families. It has always been their families. Now, as I have read from one of those who also like to visit Roxas night market for the massage, “Pa massage ka ma’am”, “Pa massage ka sir” will always remain as a sad memory in our hearts.

Second, I have to agree. Davao had been very quick in extending help to cities struck with natural or man-triggered tragedies. It is heartbreaking that while Davao had always been helping them, some had mock and laugh with our own tragedy. Where are our hearts for our fellow Filipinos? Instead of mocking with what happen, can you not at least pray for everyone’s safety? This situation calls more than your mockery and sarcasm. It is no longer about the fight of the President on drugs. It is not about Davao being too proud as the safest city in the world. It is not about you, and your sarcasm. It is about your innocent fellow Filipino people being killed nonsensically because of the personal interests of the people behind the bombing. France was not spared from bombing, and other progressive countries but did you mock them? No! You didn’t. You, through your social media accounts, posted something to uplift their people. You, as a Filipino, what have you become to your own race? This only proves how shallow we have been as a nation. We uplift other races but we can’t in our own.

Third, it is heartbreaking that your reactions to this bombing show how divided we are. If we want to stand as a nation, then we have to unite in condemning situations like this not mock or made fun out of it. If this can happen in Davao City, where police visibility is high, this can also happen to your cities – not that I am wishing. As a Davaoeño by heart, I don’t want your city to experience the horror we just experienced few hours ago.

This is a sad weekend for Davao, and it’s sadder to witness your mockery in our time of grief. To tell you, your words inflict more heartaches than the bombing. Nonetheless, this act of terrorism and your contempt will not divide Davao. We will stay united, holding each others hand to stand up firm against this inhuman act. Davao will remain Davao willing to help other cities in their times of horror and tragedy. #heartstrongDavao