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Prince Jayson: The Prince of King City

You will never get enough of this Prince Jayson of Philippine Womens College. Although he is a common face in Facebook, his followers keeps on yearning for more. A kind and fun loving guy, simple and humble an aspect of Prince to be a true teen icon. Photography by Lyndle Kevin Sorronda and Bobcat Gregorio     Fresh, young, good looking, smart and,...

Mar Israel Torrefranca: The Chivalrous Knight

Mar Israel Torrefranca, or simply Mar as we call him is a simple humble guy. he is from Catalunan and is taking up B.S. Criminology in Holy Cross of Davao College. Like most Piscean, he is often the center of attention and life of the party because of his natural joyful and positive charisma. He is also business minded...

Shieng Campued: Soulful Fighter Chic

This chic is a 4th year Business Management student of Ateneo de Davao University. Shieng is described by her friends as considerate and caring. She never settles for less, if she can do more, she will really do it. She has a strong personality. A campus crush that inspires everyone. A gal armed with a burning desire, wearing a...

Paolo Caroz: Mr. Irresistible Smile

He might not be a head turner but once this young lad flashes his angelic smile combined with such adorable dimples, girls will surely go gaga over Paolo. A Sport active young lad, and a very obedient son. Truly all our Icon's has the looks and good attitude just like Paolo.     Fresh, young, good looking, smart and, of course, popular,...

Ching Garay: The Universal Chic

A tangle web of oxymoron, she is Ching. A fine mess, a casual chick, a devilish angel; somehow, once you’ve met her, one can never imagine a life without her. She leaves an imprint that nobody can shake off, an impact that you can’t help but admire. A strong personality, a curious mind and a compassionate heart, she is...

Martin Ravelo: The Hunk Mavericks Fan

Being a big fan of the NBA team, Dallas Mavericks, this sporty guy from Ateneo de Davao stands out with his hunky looks. Martin is a sweet guy with an honest smile that will surely explain why he is one of Ateneo’s campus crushes. Get to know him at Davao Eagle Online’s top 100 campus crushes! Photography by Koii Canarias...

Edna Audan Tagabunlang: Simple Dance Heiress

Meet the newest addition to our Campus Crushes. Taking up BSBA Major in Marketing at San Pedro College, Edna has proven her influence and fame as a campus crush through her craft. Dancing is her passion, and it's what makes her an idol in the school. Her friends find her boyish, maybe because of her sense of style. Learn...

Alex Keith Hapitan: Human Doll

She has an awesome look that represents her personality. She is Alex Keith Hapitan, our latest addition to the Top 100 Campus Crushes. Alex is a BS Pharmacy student from Mindanao Medical Foundation College. She is no amateur in modeling. This angelic doll wants to be a future drug expert and a doctor of the new generation. Photography by Gen Zu Fresh,...

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