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Katrina Mae Balaga: The Religious Gorgeous Babe


"True beauty doesn't define only your physical appearance but it's coming from the inside beauty that reflects to your outside appearance." This quote inspires our newest campus crush. Well as what people say, this quote literally describes Aubrey because of her good heart, and her angelic face. She is also a popular coslayer. Discover more of her here at...

Mark Ken Mariscal: The Campus Crush


If there's one thing we learned about Ken, it's that he is in a relationship. This Ateneo student is a singer showing some genuine talent and girt, not to mention that awesome face. Photography by Patet Fermin, Sweet Pateto Project   Fresh, young, good looking, smart and, of course, popular, these are the attributes of a Top Teen Icon. Davao Eagle Online Top...

Raniel Morata: Mr. Apple Of Your Eyes


A student of Holy Cross College of Sasa, this handsome guys is no newbie in the modeling world. He has been in a number of fashion show and promotional stints in Boracay. Blessed with a positive outlook in live, a fit bod and an angelic smile, he will surely be a hotshot Icon to his fellow youth. Raniel is...

Henry Tribunalo Jr.: True Ambassador of Success


Henry possessed all the qualities and attitudes of being a true Ambassador of beauty and success. Being in the industry of modelling, it is important to maintain good moral and personality in order to become successful one, it is his dream to become a successful model and he believes that this will be his stepping stone in achieving that...

Apple Kawakami: The Angelic Doll


It seems mixing Japanese blood with Filipino makes magic. This Japanese-Filipina student from Holy cross of Davao College makes sure we won't forget how much of a stunner she is. Proof was when she featured in an indie film Sintunado. Photography by Patet Fermin | Hair and Make Up Artist: Yoon J-j GlenndeGuzman Fresh, young, good looking, smart and, of course,...

Stephen Guilaran: The Cosplay Prince


Good looks, Cosplay Talent and creativity, is just some of the amazing attribute of this young guy. Blessed with an angelic face, with his smiles comes his instant popularity. With a huge number of Facebook followers, he will surely be a Top Teen Icon.     Fresh, young, good looking, smart and, of course, popular, these are the attributes of a Top...

Jessica Anna Marie Bonney: The Sweetheart


What do we know about Jessica Anna Marie Bonney? Well, she's a Bachelor of Science in Nursing student from University of Mindanao Tagum. What you must know now: We wouldn't dare miss her to be part of the Davao's Top Teen Icons! Photography by Bobcat Gregorio   Fresh, young, good looking, smart and, of course, popular, these are the attributes of a...

Edna Audan Tagabunlang: Simple Dance Heiress


Meet the newest addition to our Campus Crushes. Taking up BSBA Major in Marketing at San Pedro College, Edna has proven her influence and fame as a campus crush through her craft. Dancing is her passion, and it's what makes her an idol in the school. Her friends find her boyish, maybe because of her sense of style. Learn...

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