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    Davao Uptown Tour Overture


    (1st of 5 parts…)

    Last Saturday, The City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) in partnership with Davao Photographers and Davao Bloggers conducted a Familiarization Tour around 40 selected tourism establishments in the city. Whew!

    “44 amazing participants, 4 exciting teams, 28 tourist destinations, 184 tweets, countless photos and videos, indulged in gastronomic feasts, gained a few pounds, met new friends, experienced ONE mind-blowing adventure – Life is Here: The Davao Bloggers’ Tour!”


    Dulce Rose Lada, Davao Bloggers’ President


    Davao Eagle Online ventured uptown Davao together with other 9 bloggers, 3 photographers and 1 CTCO officer. It was a surprise, right down to the emerging scenes that was so much fun to explore. Fun, free and full of possibilities!

    I mean, look at this pool!

    D’Leonor Inland Resort Pool by Kitty Purry

    Just in case you weren’t convinced yet, here’s a shot from GAP Farm!

    Bird’s Eye view of GAP by Jesus “Susing” Tinapay

    And in case you’re still not convinced, check out this food photo.

    Fruits of D’Leonor by John Carlo Larida Photography

    Our team takes our “best of uptown Davao” favorites very seriously, and promise that you can’t go wrong with these photos.

    [AFG_gallery id=’2′]

    Photos by Kitty Purry, Jesus “Susing”Tinapay and John Carlo Larida

    So we’re all in awe!  More blog posts soon!!! 😀