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What is Davao Eagle Online?

Davao Eagle Online (DEO) is an Internet publication and a community blog that highlights the pride of Southern Mindanao, and introduces local tourism, talents and current events in the region throughout the World Wide Web. With a team of online writers, social media specialists, young internet marketers, web developers and idealistic Youth, DEO envisions progress and development in the Davao Region by promoting what it has to offer through the Internet.

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Davao Eagle Administrators

DEO uses the Eagle as its symbol of giving a bird’s eye view of what is happening in Davao today. Fueled by its vision and mission, the team does not only focus on opening Davao’s door to the world, but also giving the Davaoeños an easy way to explore the web through its informational articles about the latest trends in and out the region. Because of this, Davao Eagle Online has gained a strong online community of Social Media followers and loyal website readers. Being one of the most-visited online publication in Davao today, DEO helps in discovering local talents, places and events as the new prides of the region. Aside from promoting local scene, the team also encourages unity, oneness, camaraderie and involvement of the people by creating significant projects and recreational activities to make everyone part of the campaign “DAVAO: Life is here.” DEO believes that if the people are involved in such cause, we will develop a happy community.

Join DEO as it takes you to the trends of today! Be part of our happy community. Visit, read, like and share. Davao Eagle Online: “Your access to Davao online”.


As we journey towards our goals and aspiration, our vision serves as our foundation in guiding us to become one of the most reliable sources of information for the Davaoeños all over the world.

  • To be a portal for the people of Davao to other web destinations and informational sources,
  • To give access to the netizens around the world and encourage them to discover Davao through our articles and blogs,
  • To show prudence and accountability in spreading sensitive information.


Our guideline to success roots with our mission, which is to introduce Davao to the online scene. It defines our motivation as a team and as responsible citizens.

  • To deliver fresh, up-to-date social and local news and current events in the region,
  • To promote tourism through our projects and programs,
  • To bring local talents to spotlight,
  • To inspire every Davaoeño to be involved in important events by contributing to our web pages and social networking sites,
  • To encourage responsible use of social media with our social networking pages as good examples.


Davao Eagle Online possesses the values of responsibility, leadership, awareness, integrity, camaraderie, strength, passion and optimism; which serve as our parameters in reaching our goals as a team.