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    Growing in Catholic Faith with Families in the CFC-KFC Mindanao Family Conference 2024


    The Couples for Christ – Kids for Christ (CFC-KFC) recently held their much-anticipated Mindanao Family Conference 2024 from June 28 to 30 at the Aqua Verde Sports and Leisure. The 3-day event brought together families from across Mindanao to deepen their Catholic faith, strengthen familial bonds, and celebrate their collective spiritual journey.

    Enriching Spirituality and Building the Church

    The conference was filled with enriching sessions aimed at highlighting the critical role families play in building the Catholic Church and contributing to the salvation of the world. 

    Speakers and facilitators provided insights and guidance on how families can live out their faith daily, support one another spiritually, and serve as instruments of God’s love in their communities.

    Conference sessions reinforced the idea that a strong, faith-filled family is the foundation of a robust Catholic Church and a better world. Families left these sessions feeling spiritually renewed and inspired to continue growing in their faith together.

    Davao delegates during Mindanao Family Conference

    Joyful Expressions of Faith Through Dance and Song

    One of the most joyful and memorable aspects of the conference was the Kids Praise, where families came together to dance and sing to worship, celebrating their faith in a lively and engaging manner. 

    “Power Up,” the official song for the Family Conference 2024. This dynamic and uplifting KFC song encapsulated the spirit of the event, encouraging families to “power up” their faith and love for each other.

    Children and parents alike joined in the gleefulness, moving to the rhythm and lifting their voices in praise. The sight of families dancing and singing together was a powerful testament to the unity and joy that faith brings to their lives. It was a beautiful reminder of how music and movement can bring people closer to God and to one another. Thanks to the young passionate and talented musicianaries (missionaries who are serving through playing music instruments).

    A Memorable Family Experience

    Throughout the conference, families had the opportunity to participate in various activities designed to strengthen their bonds and deepen their faith. From engaging workshops to challenges, every moment was crafted to create lasting memories and spiritual growth.

    The CFC-KFC Mindanao Family Conference 2024 was more than just an event; it was a transformative experience that brought families closer together and closer to God. Through enriching sessions, joyful expressions of faith, and shared experiences, participants left feeling empowered to live out their Catholic faith with renewed vigor and love.

    During the Holy Eucharist celebration, Archbishop Romulo G, Valles, D.D, reminded families to bring their children closer to Jesus Christ. Children should have a fully grasp of how Our Savior humbled Himself to save us from our miseries, and that’s the enduring love that the world needs today.

    As families returned to their communities, they carried with them the lessons and inspiration gained from the conference. With their faith “powered up,” they are ready to continue building the Catholic Church and making a positive impact on the world, one family at a time.

    Community Strengthening Christian Families

    The success of the CFC-KFC Mindanao Family Conference 2024 would not have been possible without the support of the CFC Davao City Area Governance Team and other sub-committees from the family ministries (SFC, YFC, SOLD & HOLD). Their efforts and commitment played a pivotal role in bringing the conference to life.

    Special recognition goes to the unsung heroes, Tita Rownee and Tito Eduardo Braceros, the Provincial Couple Coordinators of KFC Davao City. Their leadership and dedication ensured the conference ran smoothly. Alongside them, the titos and titas of KFC Davao City supported and guided the youth facilitators, providing the resources needed to make the event a success.

    As families bid goodbye to Davao City, next year’s Mindanao Family Conference goes to Cagayan de Oro City. 

    The mission of the community is not only to enrich our own families but also to extend this spiritual growth to others with UTMOST honesty, kindness, and humility. By reaching out to fellow members and offering support, guidance, and encouragement, we are creating a ripple effect that empowers entire communities. It is through our collective efforts that we can build a stronger, more faithful Church, capable of standing firm against the adversities of life.

    If you want your family to experience more nurturing Catholic faith activities, follow the CFC-KFC Davao City and Couples for Christ Davao City Facebook pages.

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