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    A prophecy’s unleashed!


    A prophecy’s unleashed!

    Roughly close to 700 guests drawn together at the CAP Auditorium on Saturday evening for a fashion event co-produced by En Bloc Entertainment Production and Davao Eagle Online, The October’s Secret: A Fashion Prophecy.

    It was a night created for mythology, taking together fashion designers across the city in one place. The event showcased the collections of Davao’s top designers namely Rey Quitain, Carlo Perez, Randy Mondejar, Edsel Balofinos, and Jhay Ar Magdaleno. It also featured clothing brands such as Venmark and Italian sporting brand Ellesse Italia.

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    From slipshod lady casuals to arty butterfly wings, it was all about the natural spectacle of Carlo Perez’ Butterfly Wings Collection. (Photo credits: Lloyd Sieras Photography)

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    Simply chic. Top 100 Faces of Davao shirt by Venmark. (Photo credits: Sweet Pateto Project)

    [AFG_gallery id=’26’]
    A Fashion Style by Rey Quitain Collections (Photo credits: Swexie of Destination Davao)

    [AFG_gallery id=’20’]
    Indulgence of white confers enigma over the creative designs of Edsel Balofinos of Kasuotan. (Photo credits: Dexterity)

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    Stylish macabre creations of indie designer Chad of Davao Eagle Online. (Photo credits: Dexterity)

    Top 100 Faces of Davao finalist Mike Diamse singing Adik Sa’yo. (Photo credits: Sweet Pateto Project)

    Classy designer Randy Mondejar in character with the models. (Photo credits: Destination:Davao)

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    Ellesse Italia, an international brand for sports fashion delivers comfortable and sporty yet stylish clothing. (Photo credits: Dexterity)

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    (Photo credits: Swexie of Destination Davao)

    There’s no qualm that Davao local fashion is an emerging industry of extremely brilliant designers, beautiful and handsome models, and everything in middle.

    En Bloc Entertainment Production and Davao Eagle Online would like to thank the following

    Pacific Spa
    Aero-Tour Services
    SoundTrack Recording Studio
    Thirsty Juices and Shakes
    Zuda Spa
    Brixrel Aluminum Products
    CAP Auditorium
    Rookiz Flair Davao

    Studio 15 Salon and Spa
    Physique Beauty & Style Salon
    Eric Orvilla By Mary Pauline Salon
    Rich Lee Chua, Leo Revita Salon
    Cut & Blowers Salon
    Carlo Reyes Salon
    L&C Salon

    Ellesse Italia
    Edsel Balofiños
    Janvie Tiu
    R.L. Fashion & Lifestyle By Jhay Ar Magdaleno
    Rey Quitain Collection
    Carlo Perez Wings Collection
    Richard Lozano
    Randy Mondejar Collection

    Janvie Tiu | The Wild Child
    Anne Marielle Gantuangco | Kitty Purry
    Suzette Balucanag | Ms. Swexie

    Kelvin Lau
    Dexterity by Brian Dexter Medija
    Eight Espino
    Sweet Pateto Project
    Angie Maestrado (Davao Photographer for Peace)
    Lloyd Sierras Photography
    Michelle Canda
    Jer Flo Photography
    One Winged Angel Digital Imagery
    Daniel Dumuk of Davao Kodakers Club
    Carlo Macavinta Photography
    Jaycee Santiago Photography

    Mindanao Times

    Evan Grant (Production Manager, En Bloc Entertainment Production)
    Xian Gonzales (Marketing Manager, En Bloc Entertainment Production)
    Si Kat Akouh (En Bloc Entertainment Production)
    Carl Michael Chua (En Bloc Entertainment Production)

    Neo Richard Diongson (President, Davao Eagle Online)
    Ely Nera (VP for Operations, Davao Eagle Online)
    Archie Policios (Administrative Manager, Davao Eagle Online)
    Dheizy Jane Jabican (Creative Manager, Davao Eagle Online)
    Kamille Alcuizar (Production Manager, Davao Eagle Online)
    Arnee Caminade (Operations Manager, Davao Eagle Online)
    Patet Fermin (Official Photographer, Davao Eagle Online)
    Richard Lozano (Hair/Makeup/Stylist, Davao Eagle Online)