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If you are a business minded person you should be building your own company and be a full pledge capitalist. However not all are lucky to be such. See, most of the successful entrepreneurs started small and “worked it smart”, therefore you don’t have the need to be a big capitalist to succeed and dominate the multi level platform.

In 2010 a company was built to “elevate a new breed of entrepreneurs for the challenges of self-growth and financial freedom.” Established by Raymond “RS” Francisco and Samuel Verzosa Jr., “the company’s formula for success is founded on an empowered passionate team willing to innovate and most definitely ready to succeed. ” as their vision is to “dominate the direct sales industry from the Philippines to the rest of the World and give home to millions of aspiring entrepreneurs.”

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On it’s debut in Davao City, August 24, 2015, along with the celebration of KADAYAWAN opened business possibilities for davaoeneos’ bright future. With quality products manufactured under US standard, you can never go wrong in this venture.

One example of this smart move was the ex PBB housemate Enrico “Rico” Barrera, one of the speakers in the event, who started his business with just a capital of roughly Php 10,000, 2-3 years ago, is now one of the company’s 51 millionaires in the company. He knows being in limelight in show business won’t suffice until his lifetime, so thought of something that he can count on as a fall back. He quoted that building up a business is not that simple considering the capital and determining the product you can sell. Considering feasibility, you have to know the market segment you’re catering to, as well as, the brand name and design or products should appeal to the market, which is very complicated thing for you to think of. He suggest, why not start a business, in which everything is ready with minimal capital, all you need to do is to introduce and sell the products. Adding, a great opportunity comes only a few times in your life. So if you believe in the concept and you have the capital don’t hesitate.

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To date, Frontrow already is gradually dominating the market for Beauty, Health and Wellness in just a short span of time.