Abreeza Ayala Mall Activity Center with its seasonal get-up.
Abreeza Ayala Mall Activity Center with its seasonal get-up.

The Christmas break has just begun and shopping malls have announced their ‘midnight sale’ dates to accommodate the shopping trend for this season of gift giving.

But not everyone celebrates the holidays for gifts, for some take advantage of the time to organize events that would gather enthusiasts from all around the region.

A view of the rig display with some of the owners.

This time, its for the techy-savvy and cosplayers of the information age.

The GAMES AND GADGETS EXPO GAGEX 2015 features the latest gaming technology, both hardware and software, that its partnership could offer for the season.



Hardcore items from the recently released mainboards, the expensive CPUs and GPUs available for sale, to the famous brands of peripherals, all gathered to be showcased for all to witness and for some to prospect for their own PC sets or purchase at ease.

The mainboards on display at the GIGABYTE booth.
The mainboards on display at the GIGABYTE booth.

At their booths, GIGABYTE may help you with your mainboard needs while ThinkingTools@Mall and bLinQue could provide for the rest of the components you need that also includes security systems for your home or business.

Of course, smartphones and tablets are not exempted to be featured on these events as they have become the youngest contemporary devices for gaming fans. Silicon Valley and the POWER MAC CENTER provide their own set of devices for demo and it is worth noting the holiday promos for some of the makes and models on display.

Customized gaming rig owners demonstrate their mighty prowess in assembling and tweaking their machines for the best performance they could offer for the competition.

A view of the gaming rigs on the left side of the display area from the stage.
The gaming rigs featured on the left side of the display area.
The rig display near the stage area.
The rig display near the stage area as viewed from the right side.

They will not only display their personalized gaming machines but also for their beasts to be evaluated in size, design, and significantly, performance.

Wondering if the joysticks would have their appearance? Yes, they do. With the NBA matches going on, NBA2K Online cannot be absent for this occasion mounted on Sony Playstation devices to represent the console division.


Pretty much to enjoy, huh? Yet, it would be lonesome without the thrill and suspense of a live gaming experience.

SEQUEL SPORTS have held a DOTA 2 Tournament yesterday, December 19, 2015, and the Ultra Street Fighter 4 Top 16 players were also matched on the same date complete with the live streaming on stage.

The stage of competition for GAGEX 2015.
The stage of competition for GAGEX 2015.

Not only that, dreamers are given a chance to materialize their thoughts of becoming and suit themselves to the best imagery of whom they fantasize about in the Doujinshi, Manga, Anime, Comics, and with many other popular icons of the entertainment industry. They will take the center stage on the 20th of December 2015, Sunday but first a registration must be made on the 19th.

As posted by E-Squared Events Inc. on their Timeline,

“There are plenty of things to do, gadgets to hold, and games to play. So you know where to be today. Don’t even delay.”

GAGEX 2015 will only be until the 22nd of December 2015 at Abreeza Ayala Mall Activity Center. So, what are you waiting for? Join the fun and excitement today!