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State-of-the-art Digital Technology set foot in Davao


The country’s leading digital graphic solutions distributor, The Norde International, has finally opened its doors to Davao hyping up the city’s growing digital printing industry.

With its cutting-edge technology, Norde aims to cater business’ digital technology needs. From printing to scanning up to carving, Norde has the right equipment in store for different business ventures.

End to End Printing Solutions

Norde provides printing solutions for demands on Industrial and Direct-to-Garment using technologies such as HP’s Indigo that can support printing high-quality labels, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and other general commercial print collateral.


For Direct-to-garment technology, Norde offers Kornit Digital that produces high-quality prints on any fabrics. It can print on fabrics within 8 minutes depending on the scale of its print. The speed of printing is so efficient from the entry level to mass production with operational packages and support.

The good thing about their technology is that you can wash the fabric immediately if you have misprint it leaving no stains after wash. Also, once the print dries on the fabric, even if you stretch the fabric, the print won’t break up. It stretches too with the fabric. The machine can print on buttons evenly with the fabric.

Advanced 3D and Scanning Technology

The future of digital printing is now as Norde introduces its 3D Printing and Scanning technology. Norde presents Mcor, a creative and a revolutionary technology with full-color 3D printing that sets the standard in industrial space.


Stratasys, an advanced 3D technology, can produce 3D prints in all size and shape with efficiency in delivery time, lower production cost, high-quality and lean manufacturing support.

Artec 3D, on the other hand, can scan accurate 3D in high resolution and vibrant color for streamlining a wide range of different industries.

Revolutionary Finishing Equipment

Norde also introduces high-quality cutters and finishing tools from globally-recognized brands. You can now achieve inspiring designs with the best digital solutions. Turn complicated jobs such as embossing, engraving, and etching into simple processes you can easily master and repeat to develop unique, personalized products for a wide variety of markets and industries.

With cuts in precision, its universal laser system can help you cut and engrave a variety of materials from textiles, to plastic sheets, wood, and composite metals. Create customized parts of all sizes for industries with the highest demands for precision and accuracy. Interfaces directly with your design software for ease of use.

This cutting-edge technology offers a great future and a bigger arena of advancement not only in Davao but in the entire Mindanao.

See more of Norde’s cost-effective technology that can really boost your profit while leveling up to a higher stage of Digital Printing Technology.

Norde International is located at 1&2, Right Wing, FRDC Complex, Davao Golf Club Road, Quimpo Blvd., Davao City.

Visit their showroom and see for yourself.