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    NCCC’s 7 business units merged


    Thursday, January 26,2017 at Coco’s Grill and Restaurant launched the NCCC Group of Companies. LTS Retail Specialist, Inc. A consolidated corporate name wherein seven NCCC affiliated brands were merged. Present in the merging were consultant, Tjader Regis; JoJo Canda, Vice President of LTS Retail Specialist, Inc.; Atty. Darry Gallego, corporate lawyer and public relatiins head; and Bobby Mabanta, LTS Retail Specialist, Inc. consultant.

    The merging deemed necessary to design services of all its business formats. Among the brands are NCCC Supermarket, Choice Mart by NCCC, Choice Mart Express, HB1 Pharmacy, Bread factory, Citifoods and Munchies. Having all this brands into one, and becoming a strongee company will improve the firms’ efficiency in delivering services to its clients.

    “We get more leverage from our business partners for merchandising and marketing pluss all the stores will benefit from the best practices of our operations. This way, we provide the best shopping experience for all our shoppers in all our stores,” says LTS Retail Specialist, Inc. consultant, Bonifacio “Bobby”Mabanta.

    This 2017, a target to establish four big format branches in Davao City with location as of the moment can’t be disclose. With around 150 stores in all formats nationwide of which 14 suoermarkets as of January 2017, NCCC took a lot of studies on what could be the impact of this move.

    Moreover, business formats like NCCC suoermarket and Choice Mart by NCCC were previously under LTS Supermarkets, Inc., while HB1 Pharmacy was under LTS community Stores, Inc; Breadfactory, Munchies and Citifoods on the other hand is from LTS City Foods, Inc.

    With 7 business units namely LTS Retail Specialist, Inc., LTS Malls, Inc. which manages all mall operations in Davao, Palawan and Tagum, LTS Department Stores, Inc., LTS Hardware, Inc., LTS City foods, Inc. which operates commissary, LTS Community Stores, Inc. that runs Printlife; and LTS Pinnacle Holdings, Inc. The mother company that provides support services for the store operations with department in finance, information technology and human resources among other. Eyeing to expand across Mindanao’s key cities such as Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro or even in Luzon with a conviction able to compete with those big shopping malls in the country in terms of customer service.

    Not only the merging will strengthen the company but as well flourish the advocacy towards patronizing local farmers buying directly to them specifically in Bukidnon and Calinan. NCCC is committed to flourish the program of the Department of Agriculture for sustainable development. In fact, the merchandising department-Fresh category is still looking for more local farmers to ascend exposure to more shoppers. Thus, giving a chance to local farmers contribute an improvement on their farming practices resulting in higher production levels and better quality crops while conserving the country’s environmental resources and can secure supply of quality produce for all the shoppers benefit.