Bambu Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is a 3.5 hectares of green forest situated in the tranquil part of Baguio District, Calinan in Barangay Malagos. It is owned by Rolando de Veyra, who opened the resort for business in June 2017. The resort is also close to the famous Philippine Eagle Center and Malagos Garden Resort.

A Little History About Bambu

Started as a vacation house by de Veyra family and a result of a college project, Bambu is now a great place to be still, connect with nature, and reflect on your life or maybe just sleep.

If the name Bambu rings a bell to you, that’s because this unspoiled piece of heaven is home to twenty-six different species of bamboo such as bamboo varieties from Thailand and Japan, Buddha’s Belly bamboo, Benguet runners, natural Philippine bamboo, Pink and Black bamboo and a lot more.

Facilities and Amenities

The Bamboo sanctuary has a dormitory-type room for big groups for teambuilding and rooms for couples and families. Dormitory rooms cost P600 per head, Queen Rooms P2800, Twin Premiums P2800, Twin Annex P2500 and Suite Room P5200 per night. The price comes with plated breakfast and use of spring pools. Deluxe Rooms offers hot and cold shower, jacuzzi, a flat-screen TV and a beautiful deck.

In the center of the developed areas is an open air venue inside a geodesic dome designed by Architect Ed Viacrucis who also designed the durian dome at People’s Park. With its beautiful garden landscapes with differently colored flowers in bloom and vines intertwine all over the structure and its aerial roots hang over plants, it is a perfect place for special occassions such as debuts, birthdays, weddings and family reunions.

For guests who like to have some coffee or a drink, they have a bar with great choices of drinks. With its cafe-like and cozy ambience, it is also an ideal venue for parties, meetings, seminars and intimate gathering.

The Shekinah hall is an air-conditioned venue with a good view of the pond and the spring pool. It is an ideal venue for meetings and conferences.

The Food

The food in Bambu is exquisite that I had to dig in and indulge without taking pictures first.

I was able to try their international cuisine that they can offer for buffet and ala ccarte.

The dishes were not too expensive, considering the big serving.

Other facilities

Bambu has a wide array of facilities and features, including:

Kayaking rental for 30 minutes – P220
Gondola rental for 30 minutes – P400
Fishing fee per 1 hour – P120
ATV rental for 20 minutes – P550
UTV rental for 20 minutes – P800
Karaoke rental for 1 hour – P120
Massage combination (Swedish and Shiatssu) – P550 per 1 hour

How to Get There

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park is located in Purok 5, Barangay Malagos, Baguio District Calinan. To get there, you will need to take a ride (usually an L300 van) from Bangkerohan terminal going to Gaissano Calinan. The fare would cost around Php 50.

You will be picked-up from Gaisano Calinan with a van going to Davao Bamboo Sanctuary and Ecological Park. The cost is Php 50. To avail of the van ride going to the ecological park, contact their office to reserve a seat. This is the most convenient way to get to the resort.

Davao Bamboo Sanctuary is a perfect place to stay for people who would like to escape the stressful life in the city. For inquiries and bookings, visit their facebook page at or check out their details below:

The Park:
Purok 5, Barangay Malagos, Baguio District, Calinan Davao City
Phone: (082) 228-6116
Mobile: +639176212652 / +639755139805 / +639182991674

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