Passig Islet is one of the must-visit destinations down south. The islet lies on the waters of Barangay Bato in Sta Cruz Davao del Sur, a perfect place for those chasing some peace and relaxation.

This elongated-shaped islet features clear waters and a diversity of beautiful aquatic resources. Its white sand is not refined as those of Boracay but the color gives the islet a real tropical beach touch.

How to Get There

From Davao City, take a bus from Ecoland Terminal bound for Digos City. South Bound Buses such as Metro Shuttle, Yellow Bus and Mindanao Star has daily trips. Travel time is about 45 minutes and fair is around Php75. Ask the driver or the bus attendant to drop you off in Barangay Bato near the gym.

From national highway, You have to walk about 2 minutes going to the car park and entrance of the resort where pump boats (motorized banca) going to Passig Islet can be found. The port is a board walk from the main gate and it is lined with naturall-grown mangroves.

The pump boat has a seating capacity of up to 10 passengers. Riding in the boat gives a 360 degrees panoramic view of the sea and the islet. Travel time is just 5 minutes and fare is only 20 pesos per passenger.

Facilities and Amenities

Passig Islet entrance fee is only 25 pesos. It has a number of day cottages available for rent. Visitors may choose from among open cottages ranging from 100 pesos to 250 pesos. Closed and non-airconditioned cottages are also available.

There’s a huge function hall that can be rented for big groups or for some gatherings. It is a perfect venue for family reunions, team buildings and other special occasions.

Toilets and shower rooms are available as well.

No sari-sari store available so bring your own food and drinks. Free of corkage fees! Just make sure to clean as you go! Cleanliness and orderly in the resort is required with the waste segregation system in place.

A variety of small coconut trees were planted and neatly in arranged arrays, and thus provides pleasurable and dynamic life to radiate into the visitors of the resort, as well as to the residents of the barangay on the mainland Sta. Cruz. How I wish it can be seen along the highway to attract more visitors.

The place is secured day and night with two Civil Security Unit personnel taking turns at ensuring safety and security of the visitors.

Life savers are also available to keep tight watch on the swimmers.

Such beauty down south. This white sand beach is just 45 minutes from Davao 😍 #PassigIslet

Posted by Richard Diongson on Saturday, February 24, 2018

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