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KonsultaMD and Generika Partnership for Quality & Affordable Healthcare

Global Telehealth, Inc. CEO Maridol Ylanan and Generika VP for Operations Teodoro Ferrer, Jr. seal the partnership between the two parties

KonsultaMD, the country’s 24/7 health hotline and Generika, a pioneering generic medicines retailer have joined hands to make healthcare more affordable to their customers.

Starting March 15, 2018, subscribers of KonsultaMD will get a five percent discount for every P300 worth of generic medicines and 10 percent discount for every P500 worth of generic medicines bought at any of Generika Drugstore’s more than 750 outlets nationwide.

“We continue to look for ways to provide the best services to our members that is why we partnered with Generika.  This is another step towards helping address the healthcare pain points of accessibility, time, and affordability in the Philippines,” explains Maridol Ylanan, Chief Executive Officer of Global Telehealth, Inc. (GTI), a Globe Telecom affiliate which operates KonsultaMD.

“Contributing to Filipinos’ quality healthcare is also a major part of Generika’s mission. Our partnership with KonsultaMD helps us achieve that since we are able to reach more customers and provide them with affordable medicines for their immediate needs,” says Teodoro Tomas Ferrer, Jr., Generika VP for Operations.

To avail of the discount, a KonsultaMD customer simply has to visit any Generika Drugstore outlet and present the confirmatory text message of their service subscription.

To subscribe to KonsultaMD, customers can select individual, dual or group subscriptions. Individual subscriptions cost P15 a week or P60 monthly. Dual subscriptions include one additional member for just P99 a month or customers can opt for a group subscription which includes up to four additional members for P150 a month.

Calls using Globe or TM are charged P1 per minute while calls within Metro Manila via Globe landline to the KonsultaMD mobile hotline are currently free. For non-Globe users, pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Metro Manila or regular mobile to landline rate, whichever is applicable.

All postpaid and prepaid Globe and TM customers may also subscribe online by signing up at www.konsulta.md, calling the (02) 79880 mobile hotline, or by visiting the nearest Globe Store.

KonsultaMD provides straightforward help regarding medical and other healthcare questions and concerns. The doctors on standby provide general yet immediate and affordable medical attention, including healthcare lessons for interim care, and information regarding certain primary conditions such as cough, fever, flu, allergies, among others, plus permissible (over-the-counter) medication. However, the service is not intended to replace the necessary face-to-face interaction between a patient and a doctor to resolve a medical issue.

For more about KonsultaMD, call their mobile hotline at 79880 or landline at (02) 798-8000 or visit https://www.konsulta.md. Follow KonsultaMD through their Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/konsultamd or Twitter at https://twitter.com/KonsultaMD.


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