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Panelo strikes Trillanes: “Stop acting like an anxious puppy”


Salvador Panelo, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, challenged Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to file a case regarding the alleged arbitrary threat to arrest him without a warrant and the alleged threat to his life.

Panelo sent a statement to media on Saturday stating that if Trillanes truly believed that there was no basis for his arrest and that he was practically doing a service to the Filipino people by continuously criticizing the President, he should simply take legal action on the matter and stop acting like an anxious puppy pretending to be a political target by the President all the time.

Panelo also added, “The President has already categorically stated that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV will not be arrested without a warrant issued by the court.”

He reiterated “Despite the said assurance, and with no other basis, Senator Trillanes keeps on engaging the media by claiming that he must continue seeking the protection of the Senate since the President has personally ordered for his arrest”.

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel said that the supposed arbitrary arrest of Trillanes, and now the threat to his life, are but figments of his imagination. He also commented that these are just publicity stunts of Trillanes.