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    Weekend Dinner at The Barn by the Rustic Corner

    The Barn by Rustic Corner
    Photo from Rustic Corner

    Looking for a new place to dine on Valentines’ day? Well, the Barn by Rustic Corner is one of the must-try eat-all-you-can buffet in Davao City.

    For as low as Php 399, you can indulge in unlimited Filipino food. Plus, the new buffet restaurant in the metro offers a modern barn experience.

    Rustic Corner has its new home that is located at Dizon Compound along Matina Aplaya Highway at the back of My Gas Gasoline Station to provide bigger space for the customers.

    My friends and I dine during their soft opening last February 1, 2020.


    We enjoyed not only the tasty Filipino cuisines but also the barn themed interiors of the restaurant. Even more, we also had fun with the serenade brought by the acoustic band.

    The Barn’s grand opening will be on February 8, 2020.  The feast of the wide choices of Filipino food begins at 5:00- 9:30 p.m.


    To be honest, all their food has a distinct taste that you haven’t tasted before. The Barn by the Rustic Corner has its version of the modern Filipino cuisines.

    I recommend you to try their very own Lechon kawali, baked vegetables, soy garlic chicken and teriyaki. I commend the varying selection of their viands.

    Chicken Teriyaki
    Photo from Rustic Corner
    Lechon Kawali
    Photo from Rustic Corner

    For their desserts, I love the pana cotta and mango tapioca.

    But more than the taste of the pana cotta, its texture is superb.  

    All in all, the wide choices of food are well-balanced.

    The Barn has better set of buffet meals compared to other eat-all-you-can restaurants with the same rate.

    If you’re a food enthusiast and searching for a new taste of an eat-all-you-can restaurant, this place should be on your list.


    The first-ever barn themed restaurant in the metro gives a fancy countryside feels.

    The exterior and its interior designs are very Instagram-worthy.

    Not to mention, if you are into acoustic bands, dining here is a perfect idea.

    Customer service

    Aside from their excellent ambiance, they also provide the best service. The crews are friendly and approachable.  They are attentive in dishing out our plates and filling our glasses with water. Plus, they are the ones who took our photos while we are savoring our meals.

    Other offers

    The Barn also has catering services for events and special occasions up to 140 persons.

    At Php 8,000, you can exclusively enjoy the functional hall with a 4-hour-use of the aircon, 100 pieces of Tiffany chairs, basic sound system, and tables with cloths.

    The in-house food starts at Php 350 per head.

    For more updates regarding the new eat-all-you-can destination of the South, you can contact them on their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RusticCornerBarandGrill/ .