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9th GMEA Celebrates Media, Content Creators Who Inspire, Motivate, Instigate Positive Change via Digital Platforms


The rapid adoption of digital technology has dramatically changed people’s lives and society.  With this global shift to virtual spaces, the 9th Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) aims to recognize the importance of digital platforms in delivering relevant news and content to the public.  

With the theme “#PadayonDigital: Uplifting Lives Through Digital Technology,” Globe invites media and content creators in Visayas and Mindanao to be part of these meaningful awards and be recognized. Storytellers can submit works that show how they embraced digital to provide inspiring narratives that mirror today’s challenges and triumphs.  

Padayon is a Cebuano term that means to move forward or to continue. In some cases, it is also used for cheering someone, ushering them to go on. 

“The 9th GMEA continues to honor the outstanding and impactful works of VisMin journalists and content creators. We look forward to seeing richly impactful stories from these game-changers, who have diligently worked to inform, motivate people and create positive change for a  sustainable tomorrow. Together, we pursue our mission to uplift Filipino lives with compassion, care, and kindness. Padayon, today’s storytellers,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications.

Cherry Ann Lim, Managing Editor of SunStar Cebu, who already won several GMEA awards, shared how digitalization has helped the print media widen its reach. 

“‘Before, we could only reach the people who could physically buy the newspaper. Now, we have a global audience, and we also get to reach our readers faster. Before, no matter how big the news was, we had to wait until the next day when the newspaper was printed.  But now, we can give the news to them in real-time.  Technology also opened the door to make us do more research. There are many more avenues for us to get data.  We now have a more comprehensive view of the issue, and it helps us tackle the stories better,” she said.

On the other hand, SunStar Davao Social Media Editor and Strategist Ace Perez said technology has allowed them to present stories creatively and innovatively. “It enabled us not to be boxed in the traditional ways of telling stories but be creative and relatable to the public, to the community that we are trying to serve,” he said.

This is the second year that GMEA will be held during the pandemic.  Despite challenging circumstances, VisMin media, bloggers, and social media influencers relentlessly pursue ways to share stories that inform, ease burdens, brighten up spirits, and drive change.

Multi-awarded journalist Ador Mayol, Philippine Daily Inquirer Asst. Bureau Chief In Visayas pointed out how the current health crisis only fueled his passion for pursuing stories that affect the community, especially the marginalized sector and those without a voice in society.  

“We must remember that journalism is not just about writing articles, beating deadlines, and winning awards.  It is also about impacting change through the stories we write.  The distinctions or recognitions we receive are God’s gift to us,” he said.

Lina Sagaral-Reyes, a freelance journalist, echoed Mayol’s words, saying, “(writing) is beyond winning.  It is amplifying one’s advocacies to be able to reach a bigger audience through the platform that GMEA gives.”

To honor these storytellers’ excellent and impactful work and their dedication to making a difference, Globe has prepared nine awards for digital and print, two for broadcast, and three special awards.  All entries must be anchored on at least one of the four Globe sustainability pillars: Digital Nation, Care for the Environment, Care for People, and Positive Societal Impact.  

For 2021, Globe included two new Digital Storytelling awards – Best Blog Post and Best Social Media Video. This category recognizes informative, entertaining, and creative storytelling relative to the theme and is tied to any identified sustainability pillars.  Entries may use various digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and blogs to drive positive engagement in the online community.

As a purpose-led organization, Globe creates wonderful experiences by combining innovation with collaboration to achieve inclusive and sustainable development for all.  Anchored on four sustainability pillars, the company commits to contribute to 10  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and uphold the UN Global Compact Principles.

All VisMin media and content creators are encouraged to submit their entries in English, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, or Chavacano on or before December 31, 2021.  For details on how to join, visit: https://www.globe.com.ph/globe-media-excellence-awards.html 

To know more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph.