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    “May Circle of 12” Poll Kicks off – Michael Tagupa grabs lead


    Now on its 2nd month, vote now for your bets in Davao Eagle Online’s “Top 100 Faces of Davao May Circle of 12”. We know it takes on astounding lot to rally behind the faces you deem worthy of inclusion in this list. And that’s when at your best, when you strive to make the amazing by enthusistically voting for your bets. And also by following the Official Rules and Agreement. That’s putting in the effort!

    Who are next Circle of 12 who will be qualified for the Top 100 Faces of Davao 2012? You will decide!The power is in your hands. Get all the facts, choose wisely and let your voice be heard. Don’t lose this opportunity to make a difference with your vote. It matters.

    We made the shortlist (from over 100 nominations down to 22) and you, our dear visitors, will make the rankings.

    The nominees will vie for your votes via 5-star Rating System and Facebook Like System. This will ensure 100% (as much as possible) transparency and accuracy as each respondent’s vote(s) is recorded and his/her identity via Facebook is seen by other respondents. The 5 star checks for duplicate votes by checking the IP address. It prevents voters with the same IP address to vote multiple. This process will virtually eliminate any doubts and suspicion on cheating, thereby making the results more reliable and accurate reflecting the unified choice of the majority.


    1. Go to Faces of Davao webpage (www.faces.davaoeag.le.com)
    2. Like the photo of your bet that you want to vote for using the standard 5-star system (5 as the highest and 1 as the lowest) and the Facebook Like button. You can like more than one candidate, there’s no limit!
    3. Ranking of the official Top 100 Faces of Davao 2012 May Circle of 12 will be determined through 5-Star Rating System and highest number of Facebook likes.
    4. Voting is until 11:59PM of June 1, 2012. The full list of this months Circle of 12 will be revealed on June 2, 2012.
    5. Vote now!
    Michael John Tagupa

    As of this update, Michael John Tagupa and Joseph Roy P. Ganados are in a tight race for no.1 with 85.09% and 85.00% total accumulated score.

    Meanwhile, JhonRyl Ramos, Emman Navarro Crismas and Mark John G. Taburnal entered the first 5 slots.

    3,848 visitors cast their votes for the May Circle of 12 Poll as of May 22, 2012; 4:30 PM. The response is such a seismic convulsion

    Here’s the 1st update list:

    1. Michael John Tagupa – 85.09%
    2. Joseph Roy P. Ganados – 85.00%
    3. JhonRyl Ramos – 81.63%
    4. Emman Navarro Crismas – 59.54%
    5. Mark John G. Taburnal – 53.09%
    6. Aaron Valdez – 51.64%
    7. Jerson Echavez – 48.26%
    8. Armina Paraiso – 47.27%
    9. Jayson C. Pasaol – 47.06%
    10. Jhon Medico Pandian – 43.02%
    11. Glenn Linao – 40.58%
    12.Prince Jayson Castino – 40.52%

    Catching up!!!
    Sheilby Jill Barrera – 38.99%
    Karl Clement Jarabelo – 37.30%
    Jeff Daniel Dalana Godin – 37.20%
    Joy Linao – 36.52%
    Mickee Anne S. Bapilar – 32.58%
    Roxanne Nolasco – 31.53%
    Mark Guadalquiver – 29.29%
    Wendell V. Amora – 29.06%
    Vincent Sy – 27.73%
    Joemark Tumala – 27.06%
    Mariel Anne Pardo – 26.12%
    Ricky Baltolore – 25.28%
    Vodie Chris Adajar – 20.78%
    Orange Mae Kim – 19.62%
    Guiller Ivo Canuto – 19.38%