It’s already Summer and you’re still stuck with bunch of papers and other workload. I really believe you need a little rest and a quick escape from your stressful table and have very nice summer dip.

Well this might inspire you.

Last March, together with my #DDIBarkada, WayPh brings us to a one memorable summer experience. We went island hopping at Samal Island!

We hop on our boat and left Sta. Ana Wharf at 9:00 AM.

The boat ride from the wharf to Samal Island is about an hour. As we are approaching the island, excitement fills our nerves longing for the pristine sea.

On the way, delicious food were serve. Shrimp, grilled fish, fried chicken and a lot more.

We visited Isla Reta Beach, Kaputian Beach Park, Babu Santa Beach and Coral Garden.

Check out my co-influencer @makeupbykarlamisa‘s vlog.

It was indeed a remarkable experience especially when shared with family and friends.

We went back at Sta. Ana wharf with smiles in our faces. Though we’re kinda exhausted but the time we spent is surely worth an escape.

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