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    Join G-Ex Surigao Del Sur tour every saturday to sunday starting April 20


    Grand Exposure Travel and Tours aims nothing to give you the dream vacation that you aim for. As a matter of fact, it can offer you an inclusive travel that will cause you no more effort at all. You can just sit back, relax and get that dream vacation you are looking forward to. With this type of inclusive travel you can get the convenience and the many options that you can choose from. To begin with, there are many all inclusive destinations that you can choose from. It can also cater all of your needs such as food, entertainment, shopping and many other things.

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    Indeed, you can simply get to the beautiful Surigao del Sur this Summer as you take advantage of the exclusive or joined tour by Grand Exposure Travel and Tours. You can take a closer look at the renowned picturesque scenery including the famous Enchanted River with fish cage tour, Tinuy-an Falls, Ocean View Park and International Doll House and as well as you can isolate yourself from the cares of the world. With this, you can really get the dream vacation that you have are longing for. This might even be the best reward you can ever think of, the best gift for your hard work. Thus, when you stay at an all inclusive resort, it is just between you and your own happiness.

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    Furthermore, in most cases the term for all tour which you can take advantage of Grand Exposure Travel and Tours refers to meals, entertainment and onsite activities. For meals, you can be sure that you can have the best breakfast, lunch and dinner. You never have to run through the nearest grocery store and restaurant for you can just sit in the most comfortable seat and then eat with much pleasure. Thus, you can even have good times for alcoholic drinks and sodas are also available. You can also indulge yourself with the form of entertainments at night including shows, music and dancing that is free to their registered guests. In fact, there are other inclusive resorts which conduct onsite activities such as exercise classes, nature walks and games. And there is nothing better than enjoying these two.

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    So what are you waiting for? Visit Grand Exposure Travel and Tours Fanpage and Biyahe na sa SURIGAO del SUR!

    Photos by Gio