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    Perfect Summer Coolers, Halo Halo Torte with Raspberry and Passion Fruit Blast from Blugre


    Blugre offers new treats to all of you this summer season!

    What could be as good as enjoying your vacation this summer with much gusto, without thinking the scorching heat of the sun? The summer season is here! And there’s a reason to experience Blugre’s new treats.

    For people who desire to just stay indoor and stay away from heat, c’mon onto the nearest Blugre store and experience Blugre’s Summer Coolers.

    blugre 2

    Blugre’s Summer Coolers includes Raspberry Blast and Passion Fruit Blast. Raspberry Blast is a refreshing drink features raspberry puree being combined with whipped cream, while Passion Fruit Blast is made of passion fruit (of course), whipped cream and passion fruit jelly on top.

    blugre 3

    In line with the launch of the Summer Krushers, Blugre has come up with Halo-Halo Torte. It has got the exact ingredients of a halo-halo mix perfectly into a slice of a cake! Blugre is definitely reinventing the famous halohalo which includes a modern twist.

    So c’mon over to closest Blugre store this summer and enjoy Halo Halo Torte with Raspberry and Passion Fruit Blast.

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