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    Investing in Davao Region, Philippines


    The Davao Region


    Davao is one of Southeast Asia’s preferred cosmopolitan areas with its sophisticated communication infrastructure, expanding transport system, efficient commercial and business facilities and good investment climate.



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    Davao is blessed with fertile soil, lush forest cover and unexplored mineral resources. It is flourished with nature’s rare flora and fauna – the exceptional Waling-Waling orchid, the awe-inspiring Philippine monkey-eating eagle, the succulent pomelo and the heavenly durian. It is the country’s primary producer and exporter of cavendish banana and coconut products.




    Davao combines these assets to make every investment decision work and come to fruition. Efficiently. Satisfactorily.


    Bigger than the sum of its parts




    Five provinces and the world’s largest city. Sharing a common name and dedication to strong governance, environmental sustainability, equal distribution of opportunity, and preservation of harmony. And yet, each has its own metier, allowing diversity, niches and special accommodation to everyone, as best suited.


    Business? Leisure? Or both


    Abundant sources of raw materials. Highly skilled and creative workers. Investment incentives. Complete logistical support. Or if you want it another way: secluded beach coves. inspired cuisines, Exhilarating festivities.Grand Natural wonders.




    Whether you come to Davao for business or leisure – or even both, your expectations are bound to be exceeded beyond what you could have only imagined.


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