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    Globe Telecom’s Project 1 Phone


    Globe has recently launched Project 1 Phone, the biggest mobile recycling program in the Philippines to create awareness on proper electronic waste (e-waste) disposal and to encourage people to help build schools in Aklan by donating old mobile phones.

    In the coming weeks, we will be sending you materials (press releases and shareable photos) about the 1 Phone campaign, the harmful effects of e-waste, and how donating phones can help build schools.

    There will also be a 1Phone event, in which we will need your participation on social media. Part of the campaign’s social media activities is the “1 Phone Gesture,” which we will soon ask you to act out and share on social media, and even encourage your followers to do the same.

    We’ll be sharing with you the details and updates of all the campaign activities as it progresses every week.

    In the meantime, every #ThrowbackThursday starting September 18th, we want you to dig up your old phone and revisit the experiences you had with it! We encourage you to take a photo of your phone and share a wonderful story about it.

    Your wonderful story can be about the first time you had a textmate, or the time you accidentally sent a text to your mom instead of your crush. It can be the last text you received on that phone, the last photo, or the ringtone you used to have—all the wonderful bits and pieces of your journey with that phone. We’d love to hear them all tomorrow and in the coming Thursdays, so please share them with the hashtags #TBT and #Project1Phone.GlobePW1