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How To Get Rid of Beer Belly


Today, I sought advice from a friend of mine on how to get rid of my beer belly. Suffice to say, I got more than I bargained for. I really hope I can get to work on this soon.

1. Slowly minimize “pulutan” intake as well as beer intake. Losing the gut has a price, and these are it. The body burns fats slower when it’s alcohol rich cause it tries to process the alcohol THEN the fats.

(Side note: Pinoys are fond of eating fatty foods as pulutan. Might want to substitute tuna sisig for pork sisig. It’s still fatty but not as much as the latter.)

2. Sit-ups are good at building ab muscles, but unless you get rid of the fats, they won’t show.

3. Cardio, cardio, cardio.

4. Circuit training to maximize the body in burning.

In addition, visit these sites: bodyrock.tv (high intensity interval training, mostly body weights) and crossfit.com (almost military-like exercises and routines). They post “Workout of the Day”…

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