Everyone wants an adventurous, fun and memorable vacation during summer. Some would just like to escape the summer boredom and spend a few days at the beach, while others would find a place that wouldn’t just beat the heat, but would also make them feel the real meaning of summer – to unwind.

Mountain Paradise

Good thing, Davao Region is blessed by nature. For those who are already tired of drenching in salt water, why not try bathing yourself with a virgin-fresh water in a pool channeled from the uplands? Where to find it? It is perfectly located at Sitio Mahayag, Brgy. Binaton, Digos City, right before the highest mountain in the Philippines stands (Mt. Apo).

Welcome to ATBW

If you are a nature lover and you want your summer vacation to stand out and be memorable, Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands Upland Resort is the haven for you!

Why Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands?

Fascinating, eco-friendly and a work of art are just some of the words people usually use to describe ATBW. Not just because it is located in the heart of nature, but for the brilliant things you get to discover once you reach this God-given sanctuary.

While you’re on the way, you won’t immediately recognize it because of the fun zigzag road. Just prepare your cameras and smiles as you finally unearth what’s hidden in the woods.



summer mountain paradise

Before you can reach the place, you have to walk through an up and down, fun pathway which will lead you to a bridge. You can rest for a while in a wooden bench, pass beside a deep well (You can actually drink from it. It’s crystal-clear and fresh!), and finally arrive at the receiving area for registration. As you reach the gate, you will be delighted as one of their friendly staff will welcome you with a big, energizing smile. Don’t worry! Their entrance fee is much cheaper than you think. Unlike any other resorts that you usually see, Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands’ entrance fee only costs  fifty-five pesos per person! Yes, that’s only Php 55.00 for an unforgettable vacation! And take note, it already includes an unlimited pool experience for you!!

The Pool

The pool faces a wide scenic view of the land, which relaxes anyone who sees it. Surrounded by different kinds of beautiful flowers and plants (local and imported from Australia), the atmosphere will make you feel pampered. The water they use is freshly channeled from the uplands. Something you don’t really get to experience every day, especially if you live in an urban area.

ang tribu bagobo poolIt is not your ordinary pool as it is two-storey where your kids can enjoy the lower deck while you indulge with the scenery on the upper. It has a falls-like structure where you can enjoy a natural massage with the water falling from it. It’s amazing that the whole pool area was built in a mountain slope. The materials were actually carried over bare-handed by the Bagobo natives living in the area, who eventually became their staff. They constructed the pool without using any heavy equipment to preserve the place’s natural beauty. No trees were cut, nor were there any animals or insects harmed during the making of this so-called “Summer Mountain Paradise in the South.”

Enchanting Fireflies

summer mountain paradise in the south

At night, an enchanting flight path of fireflies near the gate will amaze you. The resort also preserved their natural habitat – one of the things people admire about the place.

The Ambiance

Aside from its relaxing pool, you will surely enjoy its humid atmosphere that even if it’s sunny, you won’t feel that much heat on your skin. Just perfect for the hot season!

If you think of going to Baguio, Boracay or Tagaytay to ease the summer heat, putting Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands on your vacation list instead will help lessen your expenses. Plus, you can have a quality time with your family and friends even when you’re on a tight budget!

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