Salad oh! Init Pa!
Ambot sa Kanding nga naay Bangs!
Hubagang Ate Uy!

These are the famous phrases used by people here in Davao from school to the streets, from malls to church- like everwhere! And just recently, another familiar phrase has become a popular expression among the Dabawenyos.

Achup Boulevard!!!

More and more people are now using this expression without really knowing where it originated, or whoever made it. What matters is this phrase is a trend in Davao today.

achup boulevard

Some say they use it to express how cool something is, from the word “Achup” which means, nice or cool.

No one could tell why the term Boulevard, got associated with it, but from others’ perception, it’s because people who usually use this come from the place itself.

Achup Boulevard is also made popular by MOR 101.1 Davao as their closing spiel.

If you know something about this term, share it here. 😀

Photos from Wikimedia and Deviant Art