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Photo Contest: Tagum City’s Trio Celebration 2015



  • The contest is open to both amateur and professional photographers.
    Photos must be taken during the competition period from February 23 to March 6, 2015. Participants may use any digital camera.
    All participants must register at the City Information Office, Beach Volleydrome, Rotary Park, Pioneer Avenue, Tagum City on the deadline and submission of the entry.
    For queries, interested participants may contact the City Information Office at (084) 655-9519 or Email @ tagumcityinformation2011@gmail.com.
    Each participant should grant the City Government of Tagum through the City Information Office the Non-Exclusive Rights to publish and reproduce the submitted photographs on all forms of media in the future.


  • Creative effects done within the camera at the time of exposure e.g. multiple exposures, flash fill, lighting, filtration, etc. are allowed.
    Participants are required to submit to the City Information Office located in the Rotary Park, Pioneer Avenue a minimum of two (2) photographs as entries to the photo contest in form of soft copy either save in Universal Serial Bus (USB) or at Compact Disk (CD)
    Participants is also required to fill out the form containing the photograph’s information (name of the participant, photo title with caption and photo date taken) No name/watermark should appear in the submitted photograph.
    Deadline of submissions on MARCH 6, 2015 at 10AM.
    Submission should be in digital format and should not be enhanced using photography software.
    Judging should be done based on the following criteria:

From among the photo submissions, the judges will be selecting 8 best photographs, which will be scrutinized to declare the TOP 3 BEST PHOTOGRAPHS. The remaining 5 photographs shall be declared winners of the consolation prizes.

The CIO shall form a three-man judging panel, which shall select the over-all winners.

Prizes at Stake:

  • 1st – 10, 000
    2nd – 7, 000
    3rd – 4, 000
    Consolations (5) – 1, 000 each

All right to reproduce, exhibit, or publish the images for promotional purposes, indicating/acknowledging the photographer. The City Government of Tagum may display the prints in a public venue, or publish them for the purpose of promoting the festival in the future, without any financial compensation to the photographers.

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