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Food Trip by Msdime


Hello Davao and hello world! This is Msdime, and I am about to take you on my adventure (or even misadventures) in, about and around my adoptive home town, Davao City.

I am a mother to 3 teenagers. I’m a foodie and a chef by profession having had formal training and have had assisted in training almost 10,000 Davaoeños back in 2004 under the past presidents term. That being said, a foodies journey never ceases, the boundaries of food is only limited by our imagination! FOOD isn’t just food. It is a tangible memory of being in our mothers kitchen, of a beautiful Sunday brunch with the family, our first date and yes even our first heartbreak.

Food has always been a silent witness to all that we’ve been through, all that we go through and that which we look forward to. Have you ever thought as to why the term “comfort food ” was coined? Basically it is food which provides sentimental or nostalgic value to the consumer and is often associated with ones childhood.

Close your eyes and look back, take a trip down memory lane with me and see what you come up with! I came up with paprika chicken, that deep fried moist chicken…ahhh makes me want to go back in time. Maybe i can take you there with me as the recipe will follow…