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Carmudi PH makes your online car selling and buying process easy


What’s your online car exchange experience? Was it smooth and straightforward, or was it plagued with ambiguity and hesitation? No matter what their age, cars are big-ticket items that cost anywhere from five to eight figures. The last thing you want is to deal with someone who can’t make up their mind, whether that person is buying your car, or selling one to you.

Dedicated car-exchange websites are a great idea—at least in theory. They offer buyers a convenient opportunity to check out a vehicle from the comfort of their homes, without wasting time or fuel to hop from one car dealer to another. Sellers, on the other hand, can upload their photos and details of their car immediately to a potentially international audience.

In practice, however, not all online car exchange sites live up to their premise: Half of the time, important details such as mileage or service history are deliberately omitted. Other times, photos are blurred, dark or poorly framed. While not everyone is expected to be an automobile photographer, a little effort can go a long way in showing your vehicle in the best light. Sometimes—though not frequently—the car’s price won’t even be precise, with a note that reads “Send message for pricing” or “Last price inquiry only upon seeing vehicle”.

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Fair enough; the rapport between the buyer and seller is dynamic once they meet, potentially affecting the final pricing, though it would be nice—and secure—to know exactly how much money one must bring along to consummate the transaction and not any less because, as stated earlier, cars are big-ticket items, unlike mobile phones or tablets.

With new vehicle sales at an all-time high; and the secondary market booming commensurately, online car exchanges are the wisest first step to acquiring or unloading a car. But are all online car exchange sites as effective as the other?

Your time—as well as your buyer and seller’s time—is valuable. Trimming out all the clutter and leaving only the relevant data makes the exchange process quick and hassle-free. Clear photos, concise yet complete car details; comprehensive contact information and an assurance of legitimacy all inspire consumer confidence critical for that first step.

With its global expertise in the field of online car trading, Carmudi and its local online counterpart, Carmudi.com.ph, have constructed their site to be as informative as possible without being vague or redundant. Everything you need to know to buy or sell your vehicle is on the site, awaiting only a personal inspection—or perhaps even a test drive—to seal the deal. With Carmudi, less confusion yields more productivity in the shortest time.

Transform your online car exchange with Carmudi, where finding the car of your dreams doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Visit www.carmudi.com.ph for more info.

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