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LeadSurf joins Project 1



LeadSurf Data Marketing, Inc. joins Globe Telecom’s call for responsible electronic waste disposal by donating defective mobile phones, computers, and other office equipment to Project 1 Phone (P1P), the biggest and most ambitious e-waste recycling program in the country.

LeadSurf, a client of Globe MyBusiness, provides technical and customer support services, marketing of software products and services across South East Asia region including hub offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greater China and the Philippines.

                 “We are proud to partner with Globe Telecom for the Project 1 Phone campaign which connects to our primary goal of including environmental sustainability in our business practices. With Project 1 Phone, we can now express our commitment to create wonderful and relevant solutions to the environment by reducing our e-waste within the premises of the company,” said Leadsurf Executive Eddie Chou.

                At the same time, Chou said they are extending the campaign to LeadSurf employees. “We also encourage all of our employees to support the environmental cause not only to reduce e-waste but also to give back to our society by enjoining Globe Telecom’s continuing efforts in building more classrooms in the Philippines especially in Aklan,” Mr. Chou added.

                P1P was launched by Globe in September 2014 to create awareness on proper e-waste disposal and to promote sustainability.  This is in view of the widespread practice worldwide of throwing obsolete and unwanted electronic and electrical devices into the trash thereby causing toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium to be released into the air and seep into the ground and waterways.

                “We are very excited to see more and more companies like LeadSurf responding to our appeal to dispose their e-waste properly and to promote stronger social and environmental practices in their respective workplace. In support, Globe is always ready to gather all their e-waste and turn them over to leading electronics waste recycler TES-AMM to ensure that they are managed responsibly,” said Fernando Esguerra, Globe Director for Citizenship.

TES-AMM works on recovering precious metals and plastics from the recycled gadgets, the  proceeds of which go to the classroom building program of Globe in the province of Aklan.  So far, Globe has already constructed seven Noah’s Ark classrooms, 39 regular classrooms and 11 creative spaces in Aklan.

To support Project 1 Phone, you may drop your e-waste in recycling bins located at Globe Stores or email bridgecom@globe.com.ph for partnership inquiries.

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