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Globe Business to redefine how businesses work

Goes beyond business to create meaningful experiences for businesses and the nation


Through the years, Globe Business has been a trusted name by corporations for its innovative approach to enterprise information and communications technology. As it continues to provide quality service and groundbreaking technology, it is redefining how businesses work, asserting that it goes beyond functions, numbers, and performance through the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how.

This commitment is highlighted in its new tagline, “Create. Beyond business,” which emanates from Globe Business’ efforts to transcend being just a solutions and services provider of the top 5,000 Philippine companies, and in fulfilment of the company’s vision of a Philippines where businesses flourish and the nation is admired.

It aims to raise the bar by offering world-class products and solutions, and using its passion to create sound business advice and wonderful experiences for enterprises, and in turn, their customers. All these are anchored by Globe Business’ various advocacies for nation building.

Globe Business is committed to environmental sustainability and encourages enterprises to reduce their carbon footprint through conservation, energy optimization and waste management initiatives. Its teleconferencing solutions and collaboration tools help cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and its Canvas software promotes a paperless workplace, saving trees and eliminating trash.

In 2014, Globe Business launched Project 1 Phone, a wide-scale e-waste recycling program in partnership with its clients. The program raised P8 million in funds, which were used to rebuild schools in Haiyan-struck Aklan.

Globe Business is also deeply involved in cybersecurity. Just this year, it launched the Globe Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC), offering customer service platform management, threat detection, threat hunting, and incident response for its own network and the network of its customers.  It is linked to Trustwave’s global network of nine federated ASOCs from around the world. Globe Business complemented this with a partnership with Singtel to harness its best-of-breed suite of cybersecurity solutions.

Another advocacy is #1stWorldInternetPH, a campaign to address the government red tape issue that prevents millions of Filipinos from experiencing world-class Internet. For Globe Business, this is an effort to improve the capacity and capability of connectivity through investments in international cables specifically the most recent South East Asia-United States cable system and the corporate data network modernization and expansion.

To further help the government in nation-building, Globe Business launched e-Governance, a response to the government’s call for greater private sector participation. The program works closely with the national government to provide transparent, accessible, and better public services to agencies involved in taxation, procurement, customs, manpower, statistics, business processing, and transportation.

“Globe Business’ brand refresh is a testament to our deepening relationship with our partners in the ever-changing landscape of digitalization. More importantly, our new battle cry ‘Create. Beyond business’ serves as a reminder that we are driven by a passion to create tailor-fit and purposeful business solutions that enable companies to succeed and create an impact,” shares Globe Business Senior Vice President Peter Maquera.

More importantly, it goes beyond business to create meaningful experiences for its clients, their customers, and ultimately, the nation.

For more information about Globe Business, visit the website at www.business.globe.com.ph/.