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Globe #makeITsafePH campaign: keeping businesses and consumers safe online


As a purveyor of digital lifestyle, Globe Telecom takes it upon itself to ensure that society as a whole remains safe from numerous threats facing anyone using the internet – from viruses, Trojan, and Ransomware which put multi-million-peso businesses at risk, hacking attempts for illicit purposes, and cases of cyber bullying to name a few.

This concern gave birth to the #makeITsafePH campaign under Globe Telecom’s CyberPinoy cyber wellness program. The campaign covers all stakeholders such as big corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises, government agencies, colleges and universities, and the general public.

For businesses and the government, the unprecedented growth of technology has made data protection and safety a bigger challenge more than ever. This prompted Globe Business, the enterprise information and communications technology (ICT) arm of Globe, to take a more proactive stance.

 “The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks and breaches across all industries are on the rise.  While we take a holistic approach to address these using our managed security services solutions, we also understand the need to continue informing our clients on how to keep their valuable data safe,” said Albert de Larrazabal, Globe Chief Commercial Officer.

Globe Business is spearheading the campaign for businesses by providing practical tips and easy-to-digest information about the various threats one organization may face. It is also a move to empower Globe Business clients and help them ensure that employees are aware of their responsibility to safeguard sensitive data and to protect company resources.

At the same time, the #makeITsafePH campaign for consumers takes off from earlier Globe efforts to promote online vigilance among the public and protect them from becoming victims of online hacking, identity theft and other cybercrimes.

“We are working towards the goal of transforming the Philippines into a digital nation but at the same time, we want to instill awareness on the dangers that people could fall vulnerable to in this digital age.  This cannot happen overnight.  We need to constantly remind and educate them if we are to make a difference,” added de Larrazabal.

The #makeITsafePH campaign for consumers will particularly reach out to young school children and their families as well as millennials who are most susceptible to the negative aspects of the Internet.

Globe will also seek support from schools and teachers through the adoption of the Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP).  DTP teaches students how to understand the impact of their online behavior and how to be safe and responsible for their online activities. Through three workshops, the students learn how to discern proper online behavior, be aware of technology’s impact on their social activities, and develop skills on how to use technology to help them achieve life goals.