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Knights of Online Marketers Level Up; celebrates 3rd Anniversary


Knights of Online Marketers celebrates its 3rd Anniversary last July 1, 2017. The achievements of the past years were made possible by KOM CEO Piper Ramboanga.

KOM began its operation in 2014, with the advocacy-based mission of providing an up-to-date knowledge and skills training programs for professional and personal development. The program focuses on different training designs related to online outsourcing to craft the Filipino Workforce the top choice in outsourcing of ICT-enabled jobs and services in the world.

As the academy enters its 3rd year, Piper offers big discounts on the learning fee to all their basic, intermediate, and advance level training programs. This is aligned as well with their mission of providing community extension services through their corporate social responsibility.

The commitment of every member of KOM does not only reflect determination to performance quality improvement; it also reaffirms that if you are a skilled service provider, it will always improve client satisfaction and reduces the need for maximum supervision.

Here are the programs that are given discounted investment for the learning fee:

Basic Level of Training (Skills Development and Enhancement Program)

  • Virtual Assistant Training  – July 8, 9, and 15 (1,600.00)

Intermediate Level of Training (Continuing Professional Education Program)

  • SEO for Beginners Seminar-Workshop – July 1 (250.00)
  • Adobe Photoshop Workshop  – July 2 (250.00), July 3 (250.00)
  • Content Development Seminar-Workshop          – July 4 (250.00)

Advanced Level Training Program

  •  Real Estate Training for Virtual Assistants – July 5 (250.00),July 6 (250.00)
  • Adobe After Effects and Premiere – July 7 (250.00), July 29 (250.00)
  • QuickBooks Made Easy  – July 10 (250.00)
  • E-Commerce: Amazon and eBay Training          – July 11 (250.00)

According to Piper, “The Online Outsourcing Industry is a skills-based type of employment opportunity. That’s why you need to upgrade and renew your skills, at least, every four months.” This is the reason behind why KOM Academy continuously offer different training designs related to online outsourcing to craft the Filipino Workforce the top choice in outsourcing of ICT-enabled jobs and services in the world.

He also added, “No one will give you and guarantee you a lifetime career except yourself. Create your own opportunity by starting to build your digital career.”

“Invest in learning because it will always offer the best interest. In any type of job, your brain is your industrial partner.”

Furthermore, the skills-based training that the KOM Academy offers not only teaches Online Service Providers how to perform their jobs better but also gives them the assistance to work more independently.

The mission continues — They might offer the same discounted scheme this coming August in celebration of Kadayawan Festival, again. If you want to know more about the services of Knights of Online Marketers, you can visit their office at Door 21 Leonora Complex in Ponciano Street, Davao City (Landmark: Minute Burger in front of UM Multitest). You can also reach them via their landline number at (082) 224-4284 or mobile number at 0939-235-9988.

Happy 3rd Anniversary KOM, and cheers to more years to come!


The Knights of Online Marketers (KOM) is a Philippine-based and Davao-registered global business process outsourcing service provider of innovative web solutions and training center providing informal education, through skills-based training programs, of potential and experienced Online Service Providers.


Official Website: http://knightsofonlinemarketers.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KnightsOfOnlineMarketers/

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