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Military commendation awarded to outstanding Army Reservists

100 personnel of the 2201st Ready Reserve Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army receive commendation for their outstanding voluntary service in various endeavors. Leading the awarding rites for these reservists is COL. MANING S. TAWANTAWAN INF (GSC) PA, Group Commander, 11RCDG, ARESCOM. Jay Apostol/CIO Tagum

Hundreds of army reservists gathered at the New City Hall to witness the awarding of the Military Commendation Medal to more than 100 personnel of the 2201st Ready Reserve Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army last September 9, 2017.

The conferment of the award was anchored on the exemplary and invaluable services that were rendered by the officers and enlisted personnel of the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) under the 11th Regional Community Defense Group (11RCDG), particularly in the delivery of health services during the holding of the Hugpong Serbisyo Para sa Tagumenyos Festival in 2014, 2015 and 2016 , as well as in the restoration of the usability of school facilities during the conduct of the National School Maintenance Week (Brigada Eskwela) in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

LTC ALLAN L. RELLON (RES) PA, Acting Commander, 2201st Ready Reserve Brigade and 1102nd Ready Reserve Battalion, respectively, is awarded with military commendation for his exemplary leadership in ensuring that the mission of the Reserve Force is upheld. Donning the medal is COL. MANING S. TAWANTAWAN INF (GSC) PA, Group Commander, 11RCDG, ARESCOM. Jay Apostol/CIO Tagum

During the health and social services caravan, the reservists conducted a series of free dental services, minor surgeries, cosmetology services, random blood sampling during the summer months in the twenty-three (23) barangays of Tagum City where a total of 65,794 Tagumenyos, including children, have benefitted from the three-year endeavor.

The reserve officers and enlisted men and women of the 2201st Ready Reserve Infantry Brigade also signified their higher sense of duty when they helped in keeping twenty-five (25) different schools in the Province of Davao del Norte hazard- free, thereby ensuring the schools’ readiness as well as preparedness, in welcoming the throng of returning students after a two-month summer vacation.

From 2014 until 2016, these reservists have, for six consecutive days, ensured that all facilities of the 23 selected schools in the province will be ready for the opening of a new school year.

Notably, Tagum Ciy Mayor Allan L. Rellon was also awarded with two Military Commendation Medals in his capacity as a commissioned officer under the 11RCDG’s ARESCOM with a rank of Lieutenant Colonel for his role in ensuring that the mission of the Reserve Force, as provided in the AFP Reservist Act of 1991, is upheld.

No lesser than 30 personnel of the local government unit of Tagum who were also reserve officers and enlisted reservists were also awarded with a Military Commendation Medal for rendering services during the conduct of the Hugpong Serbisyo, and Brigada Eskwela in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The awarding ceremony was hosted by the City Government of Tagum, through its Reservist Development Program which is implemented by the LGU’s City Mayor’s Office. Richi Gulle/CIO Tagum

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