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This campaign launched in cooperation with the Davao City Chinatown Development Council and Rotary Club of South Davao during the Mid-Autumn Festival and Moon Cake Night Run for Peace Love and Awareness on September 26, 2015 quickly gave birth toDAVALOP onMarch 19, 2016 at Jose Rizal Park with a Sunrise Run to Midnight series of events marking17 years anniversary of Peace Republic, State of Awareness when it first distributed golden seeds of peace to promote the practice of the 6 guiding principles of the International Culture of Peace and Non-Violence.

Today, Peace Republic is what is known as the Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary which was recently donated to the new SEC registered Philippine Bats for Peace Foundation to ensure the Guinness Bat Colony’s conservation and protection for all future generations to come.

The BE THE CHANGE campaign continues to distribute its signature seeds of peace is spearheaded by the Monfort corps d’elite Youth AmBATssadors for Peace, aka YAPisand escorted by 2.5M strong angels of the night that Nomi Monfort, as the chosen steward of the colony says must finally be recognized and given the long overdue credit by this region for claiming its befitting slogan DAVAO Life is Here.

On September 28, 2017 as part of the 2017 International Day of Peace ongoing celebrations in Davao, the public is invited to watch the Bat Emergence Night (BEN) Tour for free and avail of 50% discounted rates for day tours.  Proceeds from BATtiange-anything-goes beach fun activities to promote peace, products, and different advocacies will be donated to USWAG MARAWI.   For more information please call Monfort Bat Cave at 0920 969 3299.

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