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Cebu-Based Carmudi User Gets New SUV After Prompt Service


In the fast paced world we lived in, we need immediate action. To show that we value the time of others, the waiting period needs to be reduced from days to hours and now minutes to give results. Leading online car classified Carmudi has championed prompt service since it started its operations four years ago.

Cebu-based car buyers Jubenstein and Fran Marie Mahilum were on the lookout for a brand-new SUV. He said that while they had a shortlist of vehicles to choose from, the ultimate decision-maker was their son, and Carmudi.com.ph helped them with their choice: a brand-new Hyundai Tucson.

“I was canvassing on a lot of models, but the final decision was from my son: it’s a gift to my son,” said Jubenstein.

While searching where to buy the SUV, the couple tried Carmudi.com.ph and they immediately got a reply. According to Jubenstein, he got calls from CARMUDI’s agents a minute after he made his inquiries online.

Jubenstein, who’s into sales, appreciated the immediate action given by Carmudi to him. “I’m into sales also and that’s the training that I’m imparting to my people so, I did appreciate that. So that’s the good part if the sales people are aggressive,” he explained.

Right after the online query, CARMUDI got in touch with nearest partner dealership: Hyundai Mandaue City. Owned by the Onglatco group, the Tucson was immediately processed.

Recently, Hyundai Mandaue City released the brand-new Tucson to the hands of the couple, who are excited to give their present to their son.

The Onglatco group, who holds around 10 percent of Hyundai sales in the country, earlier told CARMUDI that they value after sales, saying that their service needed to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Further, Kris Lim, Carmudi Philippines head of PR and marketing, talked to the Mahilum patriarch and learned that they have tried other online classified portals “but Carmudi gave them positive results.”

“They told us that the persistence really paved the way for this good transaction,” Lim said.

Meanwhile, Carmudi Philippines Managing Director Cholo Syquia expressed satisfaction with the results that they have given to all their customers, as reflected BY the recent transaction with the Mahilums.

“We can guarantee that we will provide the same tenacity, eagerness and promptness with every inquiry and transaction with Carmudi,” Syquia said.

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