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    5 year-old girl suffers ‘burns’ in Jollibee Nova Tierra after hot chocolate spilled on her


    Chloe, 5, was left with burns to her chest, stomach and arms after a hot chocolate spilled onto her, yesterday, February 4, 2018.

    A crew in Jollibee Nova Tierra was supposed to deliver 2 hot chocolate drinks to another customer when suddenly another customer requested for a plastic knife. The crew then secured the tray at the counter to get the item for the other customer. The crew returned and didn’t notice the little girl whose picking her kiddie meal at the counter in which they collided with each other. The drink spilled into her body.

    Her parents couldn’t believe the damage which had been done by a cup of hot chocolate. The whole experience was terrible when no one from the crew of the said Jollibee branch approached to help them assist with the procedures of first aid as well as for sending the kid in the nearest hospital.

    In a video posted by Rj Olpenda Anino, it was seen that instead of helping, the 2 crews rushed to clean the hot chocolate mess and the manager was in no show.

    Netizens were angry at the parents of the kid, however some still defends them. Let’s check some comments below.

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