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Kublai Millan Mounts Homecoming Exhibit in Tagum

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Tagum City —A famous Mindanaoan artist, Rey Mudjahid “Kublai” Ponce Millan launched his first ever solo art exhibit in Tagum where he spent his formative years. It was in the City of Palms where he discovered his love for art.

Millan’s art exhibit is entitled “Kahidlaw sa Kagikan” which means a deep longing to reconnect to one’s roots or origin. The art exhibit started last March 19 and will last on March 24 at the atrium of Gaisano Mall Tagum. The central theme of his paintings revolves around his experience as a boy in the city. Embracing the province life in this small town, he was inspired by the costumes, games, songs, dances, the nature, and the rustic life in Tagum and Mindanao as a whole, in creating his masterpieces.

His first and longest – running series is the Probinsaya coined from tagalog words “Probinsiya” or Province and “Saya” or Joy which underscores the joy of living in the countryside. This series was inspired from the indigenous peoples, farmers, villagers, and the nature. The traces of this theme can also be seen in his homecoming exhibit.

On March 21, 2018, the renowned artist visited his art exhibit and spearheaded a ceremonial ribbon cutting attended by various members of the society.

On the same day, a poster making contest was sanctioned by the organizers in honor of Kublai Millan’s art style. The contest served as an avenue to celebrate the beauty of Mindanao’s culture. The participants were overjoyed when the artist himself judged and bestowed the prizes to the winners.

Kublai Millan is also known in Tagum for his contribution to the beautification of the city through his sculptures displayed in front of the City Hall, Christ the King Church, and the  Bangka Monument at the entrance to Tagum in Barangay Bincungan. By creating these artworks, he was expressing his appreciation to the city where his art venture began.

Moreover, a doodling contest will happen on March 24 at 1 pm open to youth ages 13-20 years old. This is expected to not just promote Kublai’s paintings but to develop Tagumenyos’ love for art as well.

Meanwhile, Kublai Millan will have his own space at the gallery inside the soon to rise Tagum City Historical, Cultural, and Arts Museum which will be built at the location of the old city hall. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum

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