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Urban Container Gardening, a hope for food sustainability


Food production will not be enough to supply the estimated 9 billion people in 2050, according to Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations.  In addressing the concern, countries prioritize its agriculture and households embody learning in producing homegrown food for sustainability.

In the Philippines, Urban Container Gardening (UCG) was introduced by Jojo Rom. An advocate of ‘democratized agriculture’. He explained that it is an agriculture where you grow what you eat and eat what you grow. His advocacy is supported by Belgian Botanist and Scientific Consultant to the United Nation on Desertification and Sustainable Development, Willem Van Cotthem.

UCG is method of growing vegetables in containers like recycled materials at home.  The advocacy of setting up your own garden does not only address to food production issue but also waste disposal. The garden can be a multi-farm, a mixed of home-grown vegetables and fruits, and to raise chickens and fish.

To know more about the UCG, join the hands-on workshop on July 14-15,2018 in Casa Katreena Walk-in Alley, Ponciano St. Davao City with a registration fee of Php 4,500.  The fee will cover the meals for the whole duration, starter kit for the hand-on experience and certificate of completion signed by the Jojo Rom.

What to expect?

Participants will learn the scientific method and simplified technology on how to  apply tested practices and principles of UCG to naturally grow healthy food.

Highlight of the workshop?

  • Container Preparation and designing
  • Basic guide to sustainable home farming
  • Organic Bio-solid / Liquid Fertilizer and Pesticide Preparation
  • Physical and Chemical Soil Composition (Soil Science & Soil Health)
  • Planting / Transplanting Techniques
  • Home Farm Planning Exercise
  • Crop Care and Maintenance


How to register?



You can pay your registration through:

  • Paypal
  • BPI
  • BDO

You can also pay at Casa Katreena or in any Blugre Coffee Shop branches: Blugre SM Ecoland, Blugre Gmall ,Blugre Abreeza and Blugre MTS.


For more information you can get in touch to the following websites:

via Facebook: fb.com/groworganic.ph

via Email: homeorganicgardening@gmail.com

via Website: www.grow-organic.org