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    Globe Reaches Out to Davao Media for Digital Empowerment


    DAVAO CITY — Filipinos, apart from our hospitality, are known best for our strong spirit of volunteerism —“bayanihan” as it is coined in our own language. It has always been a part of our culture, a characteristic engraved in our blood that we should all be proud of.

    Late last month, Globe, in a major collaboration with The Walt Disney Company, Philippines, spearheaded a campaign called “Time Please”; a volunteer program in partnership with iVolunteer Philippines that encourages everyone to do acts of volunteerism in the Philippines. Since communities are partnering with Globe to gain volunteers in many of their activities, it is a great opportunity for everyone to actively participate in volunteer activities.

    Miguel Martin Bermundo (Director of Citizenship and Advocacy Marketing Division), introducing Time Please to Davao media

    “The reward is just a token to make volunteerism more exciting,” says Mr. Miguel Bermundo, Globe Telecom’s Director of Citizenship and Advocacy – Marketing Division.

    “The real essence of Time Please is for Filipinos to communicate with each other and do it everywhere,” he added.

    Winners are selected based on the number of hours they spent volunteering and 4 (four) will have the chance to get an all-expense paid trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

    The said campaign started on May 25, 2018, and will end on August 19, 2018. This is open to everyone capable of volunteering. Further details can be found on www.timeplease.ph.

    As Mr. Bermundo encouraged everyone to participate in the campaign, Mr. Miko David, Marketing Communications Director of Globe Telecom, went on a full blast talk about digital empowerment that was more focused on Social Media Optimization.

    “Some people came up with a plan to spend a million for a software that will help analyze every aspect in our online campaign, little did they know that there is this software with almost the same features FOR FREE”, Mr. David said during his talk.

    He also pointed out that it is not yet too late to work with social media campaigns. Big companies are just starting to understand how social media marketing works and the technicalities behind it. He explained pointing to the beginners as there was a lot of pressure for them.

    “It is not yet too late to start working with your online campaign,” he said comparing the analytics of several “big” fishes in the fast-food industry.

    The whole session was composed of topics including social media, target audiences, consumer behaviors, tweaks and tips to improve your social media campaigns, and some other important details about social media marketing and optimization.

    Here are some guide questions before starting to market online:

    • What is the online traffic of your website?
    • Who are the people you are trying to reach with your promotions?
    • What is your page’s performance?
    • When is the most optimal time to post a content?

    And below are some tips that you might need to improve your reach and engagement:

    • Use marketing tools that will help you analyze the result of your campaign, tools such as:
      1. Likealyze (a web-based software)
      2. Social Bakers (measure page performance & engagement)
      3. Similar Web
      4. and try to look for others once you’re familiar with the tools above
    • Don’t post on Holidays
      • since people are going outside and most often away from their gadgets
    • Post on peak hours (7-11AM / 3-5PM / 7-11PM)
    • Use videos instead of images with a lot of texts (videos that can catch a viewer in the starting 3 seconds)
    • Target your audience based on age group (18-22 / 21-28 / 29-51)
    • Use a Business Page & a Personal Page (and experiment with both)
    • Always monitor your analytics

    To sum it all up, the concept behind why Jollibee is very successful in their online campaigns and why Globe and other brands have gained more audience online is really because they were able to maximize the use of social media accompanied with contents that highlight the Filipino culture. These companies, though it may have been like a voluntary trip down the rabbit hole at first, were able to crack the secrets of social media marketing and used it wisely to advance their business.

    w/ Miko David, Co-founder of David & Golyat, also Marketing Communications Director, Globe Telecom

    With all the available resources on the Internet today, it is not yet too late to start promoting online. All you have to do is use your curiosity to maximize your potential. SEARCH IT AND YOU WILL FIND IT!