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    Woes of Irresponsible Waste Disposal is a Call of Collective Action towards Environment

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    Davao City’s landfill in New Carmen was studied to be city’s dumpsite for 20 years. However, due to problematic waste management, it’s purpose can only hold for 5 years. Davao City is not the only city in the Philippines who suffers from environmental abuse due to irresponsible waste disposal.

    Boracay, coined as the most famous tourist hotspot in the country for its prestige white sand beach was closed for 6 months rehabilitation. The violated law of RA 9275 (Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004) entails treatment facility for septic tank waste from the commercial and residential establishment was the main cause of algal blooms and increased Coliform bacteria. Also, improper waste management had polluted the Boracay’s shores.

    These are nature’s call for humans to be responsible enough for their own disposal. Abusing the environment can bring worst destruction such as flash floods and various diseases. Whenever garbage collectors obtain households’ trash, people thought it’s not their problem anymore. Unfortunately, trash fills up seas and landfills as the end destination. If people don’t do anything today, it is still human who will suffer in the end.

    There are simple ways on how people can uphold nature through being responsible for their waste management. The Philippine Star featured Jimenez family how they advocate zero waste in their family sees the link below.

    Moreover, youth engagement with environmental clean-ups through involving with different organizations is also a simple act yet contributes immensely to the society.

    Youth for Christ members cleaning in a parish in Bataan (Photo credit from Raphael Dizon)

    Small steps with massive participation can possibly reduce environmental issues. It is never too late to sacrifice in changing individual lifestyles to preserve what nature can genuinely bring. Allow the future generation to witness the natural beauty of the environment.

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