Raging rain and cold wind during night time are manifestation that ber months had begun. It is a perfect timing to brew and catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.


My friends introduced me to a new coffee shop in town, Purge Coffee Roaster. I tried one of their signature beverage, white peak coffee. Moreover, drinking this coffee made me realized that the best thing goes for those who wait. It was served differently, the iced was under the drink and you need to make a chit-chat with your friends as you wait for the ice to completely melt.


White Peak Coffee (before the ice melt)
White Peak Coffee (after the ice melt)


Respectively, upon observing the place, there are also coffee bags which were sold for home consumption. Besides, I felt delighted when the barista told me that they get supply from local coffee farmers in the Philippines aside from the imported beans they attain. People who come to the shop that night were also being recommended by their friends. Hearing them saying ” uy di ka magsisi dito“. ( You won’t regret here) “libre ko sayo ang drink kung di masarap” ( I will pay your drink if it is not tasty for you).

Coffee bags for home consumption


Personally, other café owners should witness Purge’s customer service. The barista does not hesitate to ask for feedback, recommend what is best for their customers and very well-oriented on how they mix the drinks. The personality that radiates within the environment from the owner and staff was imbibed to the customer as well.

I can say that really, Purge Coffee Roaster, purges out the stress within you. The cafe was named Purge which means purifying and cleansing. Also, purging is part of the process of making coffee. The business really started by supplying beans until they came up making it a physical store with an easier medium of exchanging bags of coffee.

As the night was getting late, some of my friends came up. They ordered the white peak as well and the other signature coffee, the black river coffee.  The signature beverages are cold brew based but differs on the stages and brewing hours and, origins of coffee. More importantly, the waiting game of white peak allows us to catch up with one another.

Black River Coffee
My accompany

Purge beverages are completely different to other cafes. Why? It’s because they experiment until they innovate a drink which they know it can only be found in their very own cafe.

Curious how unique the taste of Purge’s coffee? Well, come and visit Purge Coffee Roaster at Tulip Drive, Matina, Davao City.  The store opens at 10 AM-11PM during weekdays and 9AM-11PM on weekends. For more details and inquiries you may visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Purge-Coffee-Roaster-2034758046799642/.

Snippet of their feedback from facebook