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Precision Oncology for New Generation Sequencing Symposium


The New Generation Sequencing (NGS) cancer treatment held its symposium at Seda Hotel on the 5th of October 2018. The event was graced by the distinguished speakers from ACT Genomics Singapore’s Senior Vice President Dr. Allen Lai, and Medical Science Liaison Dr. Poon Song Ling. The Medical Director of ARC Oncology Group in Cebu City, Dr. Alex Alegrado, was also present during the event.

The inaugural of Davao Symposium on Precision Oncology was meant to shed light on how NGS can be effectively implemented into the current cancer treatments and practices. NGS is said to uphold the key premise of transforming cancer into a manageable chronic disease.

The concept will help specialist identify which path of the treatment needs to be taken through molecular profiling. Once the patient agrees to take the sequencing their samples will be transported to Taipei for examination after the quarantine permit has been secured.

As medical technology progresses patients still face the reality of affordability and reliability of the cancer treatment. In relation, ACT Genomics claims NGS is quicker and cheaper than any other previously used DNA and RNA sequencing for cancer treatment.

For further details of the new sequencing and its process, visit the corporate website www.actgenomics.com.