The Yamaha Sight made headlines across the motoring World with its outstanding
finish at the Petron Safe Run. It registered a whopping 129Km/L , at an absolute
feat in its class.

After that, plenty of people were impressed and some were skeptical about its
performance. Such efficiency may be too good to be true other would say. But
Yamaha has never been known to blur the lines between fact and fiction. The aim
was always simple, deliver the best product to the customer; to exhilirate and
cultivate their lives. That’s why this exclusive competition showcased just how
impressive this machine really is.

Set to have 3 qualifying legs and one grand finale for all the marbles, having the
honor of first ride is Davao. Set at the Rev Zone in Ulas, participants are sponsored
by Yamaha Dealers. The 200km route was specifically designed to squeeze out the
full potential of the motorcycle to make each rider feel the authenticity of every drop
of fuel being worth it. Finishing this race is an achievement in but props will surely
be given to the top finishers. Yamaha will be bringing the top 10 riders of the region
to the grand finals. Each fuel tank was sealed after being filled up to avoid any
transgressions. After a few hours the riders returned, and the results showed that
Michael Comahig was the top finisher who had the most efficient run. He will lead 9
other riders to finals to be held in Cagayan De Oro on November 18.

The next safe run qualifying leg will be in Cagayan De Oro on October 21. So, if you
want to witness for yourself how much the Yamaha Sight can make your ride a lot
more worth it, head over to Yamaha Rev Zone Lapasan. Remember; only Yamaha
Revs your Heart.