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Thoughtful Ways to Wish Your Loved One to “Get Well Soon”


Did a loved one just got sick? I know, it makes us feel down. But we also know they feel worse! Moreover, prompt medical attention helps an ailing person to recover fast, but it’s equally important to comfort patients and remind them that we are cheering them on to get well faster. Comforting words (and gifts!) from their loved ones makes recovery quicker. See, the power of healing comes not only from the doctor. It can also help to send your partner an encouraging “Get well soon” message with a beautiful flower bouquet.

Go visit that special person in your life at home or in the hospital. Wish him or her well. It would also be nice to send flowers and chocolates in advance. The thoughtful gesture can contribute significantly to a sick person’s recuperation, along with a thoughtful message.

Magical Words Translate to Fast Recovery

You can go for amusing get well notes. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” Fun and happiness rejuvenate ill persons. Anything that fascinates them lightens their moods. The approach is proven to produce miracles. You can also motivate depressed patients with short and inspirational words to make them stronger. You can also send flowers and gifts in Davao along with a joke book, a comedy essay, even good old Archie’s comics will do!

Your goal is to give them a reason to smile and recover from their pitiful condition. How you compose the message depends on the patient’s condition.

What to Write on the Card

  • Start by greeting your loved one. You can be specific, jolly, concise, or laid-back. It should not be an issue if you’re trying to console a boyfriend or girlfriend. The same applies to a husband or wife. All you need is an appropriate style or tone depending on your personality.
  • Let your partner know you are thinking about him or her. It feels daunting to overcome a severe ailment, accident, or surgical procedure. Help the person feel in the groove. Say or write something like, “You are always in my thoughts.” Or, “I never stop thinking about you 24/7.”
  • Express your concern. This is something personal. The message must be appropriate for your loved ones. In this case, a longer letter helps because you can impart your thoughts and affection. You can also make an inside joke here to lighten the mood.
  • Offer your services. Tell the patient you are willing to be in the hospital after work or classes. Fulfill this promise. Otherwise, it may cause a negative outcome.
  • Close with a heartfelt goodbye. Convey your affection and care reminding the person you will always be there for someone you truly love.

If you’re sending blossoms, look for the best flower shop in Davao City. Some possible options include the following:

  • Fresh daisies remain a perfect choice. You can ask the florist to come up with a 15 or 36-stem arrangement with multiple colors.
  • 16 pink roses in a beautiful basket also make a good choice. You can even add seasonal fruits.
  • 24 white roses (Holland variety) are expensive but fills the room with life and radiance.
  • 12 roses (color of your choice) are cheaper and represent love.
  • One dozen carnations can come in a classic arrangement.
  • A sunflower bouquet is another option. These blooms communicate your affection and sincere sentiment for the most important person in your life.

Suggested Messages for your Love

For your better half or mate, here are some possible messages to brighten up their feelings:

  • I really miss you so much. Hope we can be together again soon.
  • I will always be here for you.
  • I am sending you my kisses to cure you.
  • You look wonderful even when you’re sick.
  • Things are lonely when I am not with you. Get well soon.
  • I pray every minute of the day for your fast recovery.

For any flower bouquet, feel free to include chocolates and huggable teddy bears to make your sweetheart feel more cherished. Most sick persons find the recovery tough. It calls for their partners’ thoughtfulness while going through one of the hardest episodes in their lives. The simple but nice gift, lovely flowers, and get well soon card will certainly mean a lot to them.

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