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The World’s Lightest 14″ Laptop and the ASUSPRO Series …


Imagine a rhinosaurus back in the old days. 

Thick skin, solid horn, big thighs, rock solid posture, relentless.

Awe-inspiring and magnificent. 

That’s the latest ASUSPRO laptops are if you put it that way. 

To describe it easily, ASUSPRO laptops are incredibly strong, undeniably durable, and ultimately very efficient for professionals and average users. Its performance is always at its peak, unrivaled since it is ASUS.

If you are a professional looking for a laptop that’s very durable, spill-resistant, long-lasting and fast-performing, ASUSPRO is your choice. 

ASUS’ Newly Released Devices: ASUSPRO P3540, B9440, D640

June 21, 2019 — ASUS has launched an event to announce ASUSPRO’s arrival in Mindanao, this is also the time that they introduced a few newly released devices that don’t belong to ASUSPRO series (ASUS Chromebook Flip)

No one would claim that this company suck at making hardware devices. ASUS has been widely known as the maker of the world’s best motherboards and other computer hardware parts. This title alone gives them a really huge advantage when it comes to average tech users. 

A Quick Look at ASUS’ Journey

  • A few years ago (2014), ASUS ZenFone became famous because of its performance and long battery life.
  • Years before that, in 2006, ASUS launched ROG (Republic of Gamers), specifically made for high-end gamers. It’s where 64gb built-in RAMs became accessible in the market.
  • Now, they’ve released the world’s lightest 14” laptop which is also a beast in terms of speed and performance (along with other specialties). 

ASUSPRO Devices Specifications:

  • ASUSPRO B9440 (World’s lightest 14” business notebook)
    • Spill-resistant keyboard
    • 16gb ram
    • 512gb SSD
    • Up to 10hours battery life
    • 8th gen intel core i7
    • Fully stretchable 180degrees screen
    • large display
  • ASUSPRO P3540 (compact and long-lasting laptop device)
    • Up to 16hours of battery life
    • Webcam privacy shield
    • Spill-resistant keyboard
    • Full set of I/O ports
    • 8th gen intel core i7
    • 4gb ram
    • 1tb HDD
  • ASUSPRO D640 (desktop)
    • Up to 64gb ram
    • Chassis intrusion protection to protect data from being stolen
    • 8th gen intel core i7
    • 64gb DDR4 Ramn
    • 256gb SSD, 1TB hdd
    • 1060 graphics

These devices are geared toward business professionals. Their specs may not be as heavy as ASUS’ ROG laptops but they serve their purpose effectively and efficiently. Each of these devices has military grade standard assurance when it comes to its overall hardware, meaning, they have passed these tests:

  • Drop, shock, vibration, altitude, humidity, spill, twist, panel resistance, temperature, noise and audio, computer life, and many more…

Keep your data and entire device safe from spilled water. Work anywhere, anytime without worrying about your device’s battery life, and reach your maximum productivity since ASUSPRO devices are fast and perfectly designed for your business needs.

To get ASUSPRO devices, check ASUS’ official website, or inquire on your nearest tech shops.